Letter to the editor: Leaf blowers are a bad idea

Leaf blowing season is here. Please advise your lawn care employees to forego the leaf blower this year. Thank you.

I came across this item from a healthy yard website, healthyyards.org, that explains why you should skip the leaf blower:

“It will save pollution, noise and gasoline and it will help protect biodiversity. If you are really concerned for your lawn grass, simply go over the leaves with your mower. This is called mulch-mowing and it is the advised method by turf grass programs and lawn care organizations. Use a broom or a rake for the hardscapes, or an electric blower if you must.

“Leaves are an essential part of woodland habitat and a protective layer of leaves protect and feed native woodland plants, trees and all those important insects and critters we need for a balanced ecosystem.”

Enjoy, and stay healthy!

Kate Schmitt


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