Vergennes Police Log for Aug. 26

VERGENNES — Vergennes police handled a variety of incidents between Aug. 16 and 22, notably including alleged threats, a citation for driving with a suspended license, and a theft from a parked car.

During those seven days, police conducted 13 motorized patrols, three foot patrols and one property watch, and:

On Aug. 16:

•  Conducted a background check on behalf of a Virginia law enforcement agency.

•  Took a report of a North Green Street fender bender.

•  Checked the welfare of a Cataract Lane resident, who was OK.

•  Helped organizers plan for Vergennes Day road races.

On Aug. 18:

•  Counseled an elderly woman who had been receiving a series of unsettling threatening calls from an unknown caller. Police advised her to secure her home carefully and to write down the caller’s number if he called again, and they also have swung by her property at times. They said she has reported no issue since.

•  Spoke to an Addison resident who said his wife had told him he was not allowed to drive in Vergennes. Police said he seemed confused and tried, but failed, to confirm his story with family members and others.

•  Determined that a bone found by a woman walking her dog on School Street was not human.

•  Investigated the theft of $50 in rolled quarters and a set of keys from a car parked on Monkton Road.

•  Spoke to family members of a former Cataract Lane resident who said she was not being allowed to retrieve belongings from the home. Police were told the belongings were not there.

•  Went to Vergennes Union High School in case there was an issue with an employee being placed on administrative leave. Police said there was no problem.

•  Referred to city officials a case of a dog on Cataract Lane biting a South Water Street resident.

On Aug. 20:

•  Dealt with a noise complaint at a Main Street apartment.

•  Cited Karen L. Norton, 50, of Vergennes for driving with a suspended license, an action taken after responding to a report of erratic driving on Panton Road.

•  Handled a minor two-car accident in the American Legion parking lot.

On Aug. 21:

•  Along with Vermont State Police spoke to a South Water Street resident about her unfounded complaint that a female neighbor was stalking her on behalf of a third party.

•  Checked out a van that had been left with its door open for a long time in the Champlain Farms parking lot; police said store management then had it towed.

•  On Aug. 22:

•  Determined that a Meigs Road property manager’s complaint that a tenant had threatened him was unfounded.

•  Helped state police look for an elderly man with dementia who had wandered away from a Waltham home. Police said he was later found.

•  Directed traffic for a parade honoring the Vergennes Champs swimming team.

•  Helped a man who had fallen in the Shaw’s Supermarket parking lot.

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