Letter to the editor: Teachers deserve all the thanks we can give them

After 22 years teaching at Robinson Elementary, I made the difficult decision to take a different job and leave the MAUSD district. I have been thinking about my former colleagues who are starting a new school year after countless hours of thought, preparation and anticipation.

Teaching was never an easy job, but in the past few years it has become even more complex for reasons related not only to the pandemic, but to changing needs of children, performance expectations, and funding challenges. Nevertheless, the dedicated members of the MAUSD community continue to step up, doing whatever it takes to help their students not only learn but find meaning and enjoyment in the process.

While many parents and other community members are thankful for their efforts in a general sense, their appreciation may not always translate to specific expressions in the moment. I urge you all to take action when you hear your child (or grandchild/niece/nephew/neighbor) mention something they enjoyed about their school experience. It doesn’t take very long to send a quick note or email to a teacher to thank them for planning a fun activity or helping a child through a tricky situation. And please don’t wait until the holidays or the end of the year; a few words can lift up the person who is working tirelessly each week with the well-being of our children at the forefront of their intention.

Thank your teachers. They deserve to hear it every day.

Liz Greenberg



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