Champs defeat Marlins in last dual meet

VERGENNES — The Vergennes Champs swim team easily defeated the Middlebury Marlins, 302-130, Thursday evening, July 29, at a dual meet in Vergennes. It was the last regular season race for the oldest swimmers on the two Addison County teams.

The Vergennes Swim Team finished its regular Champlain Valley Swim Season with a perfect 7-0 record, their best record in at least two decades.

Paul Foley and Flint Crary both won thrice for the Champs, and Emry Mosehauer and Noah Smits each earned the team double victories.

Oliver Poduschnick was a triple victor for Middlebury.

The meet was a makeup for a contest that had been scheduled for July 20, but was called off because of bad weather. After a Marlins swimmer tested positive for COVID-19, the makeup was in doubt, but swim team officials determined it was safe to hold the race.

Both Vergennes and Middlebury are scheduled to swim in the St. Albans Invitational hosted by the St. Albans Sharks on Saturday. The Champlain Valley Swim League decided months ago to call off the league championship meet, but some St. Albans swim team backers organized tomorrow’s invitational, which will serve as a de facto league championship. The teams scheduled to participate are the Town of Essex Swim Team (TEST), Winooski Swim Team, Burlington Tennis Club, Burlington Country Club, The Edge, Vergennes Swim Team, Middlebury Marlins Swim Team and the St. Albans Sharks.

In Thursday’s competition in Vergennes, the top three finishers in the individual races were:


•  U-8 girls: 1. Juliette Angier (V), 27.69; 2. Cassandra Bellman (M)

•  U-10 girls: 1. Lauren Husk (V), 16.32; 2. Mitzi Poduschnick (M); 3. Aurora Foley (M)

•  U-10 boys: 1. Flint Crary (V), 16.44; 2. Connor Husk (V); 3. Constantine Bellmann (M)

•  U-12 girls: 1. Sophia James (V), 36.26; 2. Ella Bearor (V)

•  U-12 boys: 1. Clark Clary (V), 34.03; 2. Noah Smits (V); 3. Daniel Power (M)

•  U-14 girls: 1. Ava Schreider (V), 34.21; 2. Nola Roberts (M)

•  U-18 girls: 1. Holy Staats (M), 30.00; 2. Natalie Rockwell (M); 3. Frances Eckels (V)

•  U-18 boys: 1. Connor McNamara (M), 30:09; 2. Fraser Milligan (M)


•  U-8 girls: 1. Emry Mosehauer (V), 24.26; 2. Kendall Kittredge (V)

•  U-8 boys: 1. Paul Foley, 20.60 (V); Felix Poduschnick (M); 3. Weston Kittredge (M)

•  U-10 girls: 1. Aurora Foley (V), 17.72; 2. L. Husk (V); 3. Nicola Power (M)

•  U-10 boys: 1. F. Crary (V), 19.37; 2. Connor Husk (V)

•  U-12 girls: 1. Eleanor Brooks (V), 37.32; Isabella Romond (V); Abigail Hamilton (M)

•  U-12 boys: 1. Khanlen Ouimette (V), 41.00; 2. Joey Maneen (V); 3. Chris Evans-Nash (M)

•  U-14 girls: 1. Lucy Poduschnick (M), 35.56; 2. A. Schreider (M); 3. Elise Parker

•  U-14 boys: 1. Julian Potter (V), 39.15

•  U-18 girls: 1. H. Staats (M), 33.56; 2. Anna Rakowski (V); 3. Natalie Rockwell (M)

•  U-18 boys: 1. Oliver Poduschnick (V), 27.34; 2. F. Milligan (V)


•  U-8 girls: 1. E. Mosehauer (V), 28.14; 2. J. Angier (V); 3. C. Bellmann (M)

•  U-8 boys: 1. P. Foley, (V); 2. Weston Kittredge (V)

•  U-10 girls: 1. M. Poduschnick (M); 2. Ayla Kittredge (V); 3. Jordan Hutchins (V)

•  U-10 boys: 1. Skyler James (V), 25.07

•  U-12 girls: 1. Eloise Eckels (V), 41.45; 2. Sophia James (V); Sadie Chance (V)

•  U-12 boys: 1. N. Smits, 38.39 (V); 2. C. Clary (V); Daniel Power (M)

•  U-14 girls: 1. L. Poduschnick (M), 39.70; 2. Kaitlin Sulik-Doty (M); 3. N. Roberts (V)

•  U-18 girls: 1. Carlyn Rapport (V), 34.84; 2. H. Staats (M); 3. Grace Lebeau (V)

•  U-18 boys: 1. O. Poduschnick (M), 29.83; 2. F. Milligan (M)


•  U-8 girls: 1. K. Kittredge (V), 20.33; 2. E. Mosehauer (V); 3. C. Bellmann (M)

•  U-8 boys: 1. P. Foley (V), 17.20; 2. W. Kittredge (V); 3. F. Poduschnick (M)

•  U-10 girls: 1. A. Foley (V), 14.18; 2. L. Husk (V); 3. M. Poduschnick (M)

•  U-10 boys: 1. F. Crary (V), 14.84; 2. C. Husk (V); 3. C. Bellman (M)

•  U-12 girls: 1. Adrienne Smits (V), 29.81; 2. Sadie Chance (M); 3. Isabella Romond (V)

•  U-12 boys: 1. N. Smits, (V), 30.38; 2. C. Clary (V), 30.65; D. Power (M)

•  U-14 girls: 1. A. Schreider (M), 29.39; 2. L. Poduschnick (M); 3. N. Roberts (V)

•  U-14 boys: 1. Peter Maneen (V), 29.96; 2. J. Potter (V)

•  U-18 girls: 1. F. Eckels (V), 28.08; 2. N. Rockwell (M); A. Rakowski (V).

•  U-18 boys: 1. O. Poduschnick (M), 23.16; 2. Aidan Chance (M)

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