Borrow an e-bike for free in Middlebury

THE RADWAGON, WHICH is available through a lending library in Middlebury, is a cargo e-bike that can carry an adult kids, groceries, and other valuable cargo around town and some mild back roads. An optional Yepp kid seat is rated for children up to 48 pounds. The five pedal-assist levels and throttle help take away some of the effort from a bike commute and the cargo carrying capacity makes this a car replacement.

We’d like to see more bikes around town because bikes are an indicator of a vibrant, healthy and people-centered community.
— Erik Remsen, Safe Routes Middlebury

MIDDLEBURY — Would an e-bike make your life easier? Find out for free. The organization Local Motion on Tuesday launched its E-Bike Lending Library in Middlebury. Borrowers will be able to check out an e-bike from Frog Hollow Bikes for a period of two or three days to find out how these bikes can replace car trips and transform their daily transportation needs.

The service will be operated through the end of October.

There are two options: a cargo bike with a rear rack and optional kids seat, great for families with little kids or folks hoping to run errands by bike. There is also a standard commuter-style bike, perfect for employees at the college, Porter Hospital or other employers looking to try out commuting by bike. Both e-bike models have an electric assist that helps riders get around with less effort and scale hills that previously seemed impossible.

“We have a couple goals for this program,” said Erik Remsen of Safe Routes Middlebury. “First, we’d like to see more bikes around town because bikes are an indicator of a vibrant, healthy and people-centered community. Second, they’re a way to both reduce your carbon footprint and car congestion in town. And third, because we have both an electric cargo bike and electric commuter bike, folks can truly experience biking as a viable form of transportation.”

E-bikes are a transportation option that are becoming more familiar and necessary, and the goal of this program is to introduce Vermonters to how they can be incorporated into everyday life and replace car trips. From commuting to work to picking up groceries and carrying kids to school, e-bikes provide an extra boost of power that makes miles feel shorter and cargo feel lighter.

Frog Hollow Bikes is at 74 Main St. in Middlebury. Anyone wanting to borrow an e-bike must be able to store bikes in a locked indoors location to be eligible to borrow a bike. Ideally, you will ride the e-bike home. If that is not possible, you will need to transport the bike in a truck, van, SUV, or car trunk with the seats down because borrowers are not allowed to put the e-bikes on a car bike racks due to the risk of rack failure.

To reserve an e-bike head online to To get questions answered, contact Erik Remsen at [email protected] or call 802-349-9063.

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