Hannaford Career Center students earn kudos

SENIOR TUCKER STEARNS leads the inductees in reciting the Pledge at the National Technical Honor Society ceremony at the Hannaford Career Center North Campus in Middlebury this past Monday.

ADDISON COUNTY — On the very warm evening of June 7, 31 students were inducted into the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center chapter of the National Technical Honor Society.

NTHS’s mission is to honor student achievement and leadership in career and technical education, promote educational excellence, award scholarships and enhance career opportunities. The induction ceremony recognizes deserving technical center students and increases community awareness of the talents and abilities of the young people and adults who choose technical education pathways to a rewarding future.

The ceremony was held on the north campus of PHCC located on Mainelli Road in Middlebury and festively decorated with flowers, balloons and banners. NTHS advisor Brenda Logee conducted the ceremony and gave the address to the inductees. Second year NTHS members assisted in the ceremony:

•  Karrie Ayer recited the Purpose of NTHS; Courtney Curler and Ashley Tierney performed the Candle Lighting Ceremony defining the seven attributes of an NTHS member — Knowledge, Skill, Honesty, Service, Responsibility, Scholarship, Citizenship and Leadership;

•  Tucker Stearns lead the new inductees in reciting the NTHS Pledge.

Program instructors Nick Cantrick (Construction Technology), Woody Danforth (Culinary), Lisa Rader (Design & Illustration), Ulti Danforth (Human Services), Kelley Mills (Sustainable Agriculture), and Director/Superintendent Dana Peterson presented students with their certificates. Logee presented the students with their honor cords.

Eight 2nd year NTHS members were recognized with a 2nd year pin: Karrie Ayer, Abigail Bailey, Ember Comes, Courtney Curler, Mahaila Gosselin, Sydney Jewell, Tucker Stearns and Ashley Tierney. Business community partner EastView at Middlebury was inducted as an honorary member of the NTHS for their outstanding support of Career Center students in providing many years of valuable on site learning opportunities for students from the Culinary, Human Services, and Medical Professions programs. EastView chef David Merrill accepted the award from PHCC chef Woody Danforth.

The ceremony was very well attended by guests and followed by a reception of individually wrapped cookies made by Culinary students.

2021 NTHS inductees are: Eliza Bent (Sustainable Agriculture), Alexandra Bonavita (Human Services), Ainsley Busby (Medical Professions), Emma Campbell (Culinary Arts), Kai Companion (Design & Illustration), Shea Cravens (Construction Technology), Jocelyn Deering (Engineering & Architecture), Madeline Donaldson (Engineering & Architecture), and Ryley Dubois (Sustainable Agriculture).

And also Reese Fitzgerald (Medical Professions), Isabelle Gilley (Medical Professions), Kate Gosliga (Sustainable Agriculture), Benjamin Graham (Computer Science), Gabriel Kadric (Construction Technology), Thomas Lawrence (Engineering & Architecture), Nathaniel McVeigh (Computer Science), Nima Mehregan (Culinary Arts), Kyle Mitchell (Human Services), Jeremiah Moulton (Construction Technology) and Jarret Muzzy (Construction Technology).

And also Isaac Norris (Construction Technology), Jebediah Orvis (Construction Technology), Evalin Pachman (Addison Repertory Theater), Lucas Phillips (Construction Technology), Michael Plouffe (Sustainable Agriculture), Abigail Reen (Sustainable Agriculture), Marshall Sanchez (Engineering Design & Development), Sydney Singh (Addison Repertory Theater), Samuel Warren (Construction Technology), Katherine Whipple (Sustainable Agriculture)and  Hannah Zimmer (Design & Illustration).

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