Letter to the editor: Senate deals with racism

Amidst the flurry of concluding business last week, the Vermont Senate passed three resolutions that are small but important steps to acknowledge and address racism in the state.

The first, JRH 6, a joint resolution of the House and Senate, declares that racism is a public health emergency.

The second, SR 10, designates May 2021 as Asian-American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in Vermont. The resolution also condemns anti-Asian and anti-Pacific Islander hate in the United States.

SR 11 was the third resolution, passed by the Senate with a unanimous vote. The measure honors the memory of George Floyd, the Black man murdered by a Minneapolis police office a year ago this week. SR 11 designates May 25, 2021, as a day of remembrance and action.

The three legislative enactments are important. The General Assembly — our elected representatives — stepped up. Of most importance, they call upon us, the citizens of Vermont, to act. Racism exists here. All of us must work to recognize how blatant and insidious this is, and take action to end it. We have the power and responsibility to ensure the ideals of Vermont and the country become reality for all.

Ross Connelly


Editor’s note: Ross Connelly is the former editor and publisher of the Hardwick Gazette and president of the Vermont and New England press associations.


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