Monkton Historical Society wants your input

MONKTON — Officials from the Monkton Museum and Historical Society (MM&HS) said they appreciate the response received to their survey so far on their plan to purchase the 1859 Town Hall. If you haven’t taken the survey, please do. Society President Gill Coates and the rest of his organization want to hear from you.
Take the survey online here:
There is also a link on the Monkton town website under the “Community” section at the end of the “Monkton Museum and Historical Society” page — or go to
“We’d like to clarify that the town will be selling the building on the open real estate market,” Coates said in a press release MM&HS plans to purchase the building with money raised for that specific purpose. The town would be paid and Monkton would have a museum.
Coates said the historical society is still in an information collection and evaluation phase and received just over 40 responses to the survey by late last week.
A study group has been working for several months gathering information from other historical societies on building ownership. “That was followed by a targeted survey statewide of historical societies to determine those with deeded ownership of one or more buildings and to learn about their estimated annual operating expenses,” he said. “The Study Group is working on estimates for the various operating expenses for a Monkton museum.
“We want to collect enough information to make the strongest case we can for creating Monkton’s 1859 Town Hall Museum,” he continued. “Thereby, solving our space problem and making MM&HS’s collection much more accessible to the community and to anyone interested in Monkton history.”
Fundraising for purchase of the building won’t start until the MM&HS has evaluated the information it is gathering.
For anyone who has problems logging in to take the survey, an option is to email [email protected] or leave a message at 802-482-2277 indicating that you want to receive a hard copy of the survey. Please include your mailing address in the email or in your phone message and we will send you a hard copy along with a stamped envelope to return the survey to us.

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