Letter to the editor: Salisbury should vote down BLSG budget proposal

Last year the Salisbury selectboard voted unanimously to split off funding for the BLSG Insect Control District onto an article separate from the budget. After a close vote, the town signed on for another year with the BLSG. This year voters will again have a chance to decide whether Salisbury will remain part of BLSG or save $25,411.75 of taxpayers’ money. I believe that until BLSG develops a safer and more effective strategy for mosquito control, Salisbury should not be part of their increasingly expensive operation.
In 2020, the only mosquito control done in our town all year was spraying one designated spray route one time (July 2). There was no larvicide (to which the state contributes funding) applied anywhere in Salisbury. This was at the expense of $26,371.
I am against using taxpayer money for mosquito control for many reasons. The spraying while ineffective, puts malathion and permethrin in our environment. Salisbury is home to five endangered species of bats, which are at risk. The state of Vermont oversees insect borne disease control and will step in if these diseases are detected. This spraying is for “nuisance” mosquitoes. There are effective methods to deal with nuisance mosquitoes that do not involve the use of pesticides.
So I ask Salisbury residents to vote “No” on Article 5 on Election Day or by mail in ballot. Thank you.
Barbara Karle

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