Letter to the editor: Democrats have become the party with real values

The Democrats are the party of values. Remember when the Republicans caste themselves around “Family Values”? Well, these days, the situation is 180 degrees different.
The Dems have stepped forward for these values: decency, integrity, honesty, the truth, respect for science and factual evidence. They support human kindness, compassion, empathy, respect for all, respect for the land and the environment. They are attempting to help the largest numbers of Americans and they are inclusive in their definitions of Americans. They are for the public good and the want to fight injustice and racism.
What is not to like about the Democrats?
And the Republicans? First, their family values were mostly about abortion and homosexuality. The Republicans have given lip service to small businesses but the heart of their support was/is for those who are already well-off. Their environmental values were/are nearly non-existent. The same for their support and compassion for people in need.
Now, because of the last four years, Republicans have moved towards ending democracy, supporting an authoritarian. They have taken truth and respect for science out of their bag of values. They have elevated lying, demagoguery, bigotry, corruption, vengeance and division. I ask you, what are the most redeeming values they espouse these days?
When you ask the Right what they support and value, they say Freedom and Liberty, but then they go and do an insurrection intended to keep their leader in power and override the freedom and voice of a majority of the voters. When you ask what they want, the answer is power and Trump.
And patriotism?
The Republicans really have work to do to restore their image and credibility. Right now, the Democrats are the party of values, good values.
Van Talmage

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