DEC presents talks on water quality

MONTPELIER – The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) invites Vermonters to attend the upcoming Clean Water series focused on water quality. The series highlights efforts to improve water quality while also protecting public health, outdoor recreation, and critical wildlife habitat. 
Each talk will feature scientists and state officials from the DEC, the Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets, and the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. Each talk is free and open to the public.
The first event is on Thursday, Dec. 3, from noon-1 p.m. via Microsoft Teams Live. The conversation will focus on addressing nonpoint source pollution in Vermont. 
Nonpoint source pollution occurs when rain or snowmelt flows across the land and absorbs pollutants on the way to a nearby stream or lake. It is hard to control nonpoint source pollution because it comes from many different places. Helen Carr, Nonpoint Source Coordinator for DEC will talk about Vermont’s five-year plan to identify the causes of nonpoint source pollution and DEC’s strategies to clean up the lakes, rivers, and wetlands impacted by this type of water pollution.
 “We’ve significantly updated the Nonpoint Source Management Plan this year to reflect recent policies and new funding. At our December Clean Water lecture, we will provide more details about upcoming projects and talk about how these projects will restore our lakes, rivers and groundwater,” said Carr.
For more information on the upcoming series and Microsoft Teams Live Links, please see the dates, topics, and presenter for each below:
•  Thursday, Dec. 3: Pointing Out Nonpoint Source Pollution with Nonpoint Source Coordinator, Helen Carr.
•  Thursday, Jan. 7: In Action! The Stormwater 3-Acre General Permit with Stormwater Program Manager, Padraic Monks.
•  Thursday, Feb. 4: Vermont’s Clean Water Investments and Results with TMDL Tracking and Accounting Coordinator, Katie Bockwoldt and Nonpoint Source Coordinator, Helen Carr.
•  Thursday, March 4: Vermont Pay for Phosphorous Program with Agriculture Water Quality Specialist, Sonia Howlett.
•  Thursday, April 1: The Multiple Benefits of Wetland Conservation and Restoration on Public Lands with Vermont Fish and Wildlife Public Land Section Chief, Jane Lazorchak.
•  Thursday, May 6: Re-connecting Rivers: Developing Tools to Restore Stream, Wetland, and Floodplain Functions with Lead River Scientist, Gretchen Alexander.
•  Thursday, June 3: TBD: An update from DEC’s Lakes and Ponds Program.
•  Thursday, July 1: BMP Verification: Visiting Vermont’s Clean Water Projects with BMP Verification Coordinator, Rachel Wood.
Anyone who is interested in attending the Clean Water series can join online via Microsoft Teams Live links, available on DEC’s webpage at 
Subscribe to the Clean Water E-Newsletter for updates on upcoming events at All talks will be recorded and uploaded to DEC’s YouTube Channel 
To request accommodations to participate in the series, email [email protected].

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