Gallipo sees challenge and service in heavy rescue job


Kirk Gallipo is an EMT and captain of MREMS’ heavy rescue service. He began volunteering with the organization in 2002 as an Otter Valley Union High School senior, and ultimately earned his EMT certification through the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center.
Upon graduation, Gallipo found himself at a crossroads: Should he work on a dairy farm — chores that he knew inside-out — or transition to a paying gig with MREMS?
He chose the latter path.
“It’s more mentally challenging,” he said of the health care work. “I tend to like to look at a problem and try to figure out the physiology behind it, and what exactly I can do to correct what’s gone wrong.”
He’s enjoyed his time with MREMS — particularly the heavy rescue work. He’s been all over the country learning the various techniques of freeing people from vehicle wrecks.
“I’ve always been big into extrication,” Gallipo said. “It’s the one thing I would still do for free,” he added with a chuckle.
He’s happy in his job right now and is pleased that he’s found a calling that can really make a difference.
“It definitely feels like a form of service you can return to the community,” Gallipo said. “It’s my job, and I like my job. There’s definitely a satisfaction you can gain personally from helping people.”

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