Health & Wellbeing: Gratitude is good for you

ONE OF THE notes outside Salisbury Community School.

Students at Salisbury Community School have been learning that gratitude is good for a person’s health. “It improves your mood, it makes you feel better, your relationships improve, and it’s much easier to deal with problems,” Principal Fernanda Canales wrote in a recent social media post. 
Canales pointed out that gratitude lowers your blood pressure, helps you sleep longer, and makes you better able to deal with stress. Scientists say that gratitude is really good for your health. 
During these times when social distancing has utterly changed our daily and yearly routines, Salisbury students and staff have been thinking of things big and small that they are grateful for. And now they are also extending the benefits of gratitude to the larger Salisbury community. 
Locals who are driving by the school will notice a fence at the entrance with some strips of cloth in colorful writing. They express things that students and staff are grateful for. Those who would like to join in this expression of gratitude are invited to write what they are grateful for on a strip of cloth (the more colorful the better) and attach it to the school fence. 
That way, when others drive by the Salisbury Community School they can see all the colorful strips of cloth and feel their spirits lifted — just like the students and staff who go there every day. 
“Let’s be grateful together,” Canales wrote.

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