Granville town meeting preview 2020

GRANVILLE — Granville residents will be asked at their Tuesday evening town meeting to add something to their municipal government in order to save some money.
After electing a moderator, the next item on the town warning asks if Granville shall reinstate the office of town auditor. The town abolished that position a number of years ago, and instead hired outside professional auditors to go over its books. But the selectboard is floating the idea of bringing back the local expertise because it would cost less.
After weighing in on the question of whether they will have an auditor or not, Granville residents will vote to elect a first, second and third auditor. The selectboard has added $1,000 to their proposed budget to pay the town auditors. They have also budgeted $15,000 for one last complete audit of town books by an outside professional this spring.
Despite that increased cost, residents will vote on a town spending plan that shows more modest increases. The warned town budget is $397,995, which represents an increase of $13,338, or 3.5%, from the figure approved last year.
Werner expects the meeting will not be a long one.
“I think this will go quickly,” she said, “once we get passed article 9,” which asks if townspeople wish to increase the capital account for the purpose of covering expenses for fire protection in East Granville in the amount of $500.
Town meeting is slated for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 3, at the Granville Town Hall. Voting in the presidential primary election will take place at the same venue on Tuesday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

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