Letter to the editor: Governor’s vetoes preserved state’s affordability

First the good news: Congratulations to the reporters, editors and staff of the Addison Independent for bringing home 30 awards from the recent New England Newspaper and Press Association annual meeting. With over 450 members in the association, the competition is very stiff. There is little doubt that the awards are well deserved and that the Independent is a high quality newspaper.
Now the bad news: I feel a recent headline on an Independent story (“Legislators: Vetoes hurt Vt. affordability”) although accurate is a bit misleading. Since most of our county legislators are Democrats it is not surprising that they are dismayed by the governor’s vetoes. However let’s look at why these propositions were vetoed.
With regard to the minimum wage bill, anyone that has taken an Economics 101 course knows that raising the minimum wage will then lead to a raise in all wages. And this will lead to a raise in prices for goods and services. The price rises will impact the minimum wage earners as well as everyone else. Thus, no gain for anyone.
Regarding the family-leave bill: Taxing everyone currently working to pay for a service for a selected few is unfair. Governor Scott’s proposal for opt-in coverage for paid leave is fair and, I believe, many of the possible recipients would agree.
I thank Governor Scott for vetoing both these bills.
Jim Peabody Sr.

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