East Middlebury walking tour set for Nov. 2

EAST MIDDLEBURY — The East Middlebury Historical Society has developed a self-guided historical “Walking Tour” of the town. The brochure contains photographs, descriptions, and a map that together outlines the development of East Middlebury from the earliest days of English settlement through the early 20th Century.
The tour guide contains information about the early industrial development of the Middlebury River Gorge; the religious, economic, and social conditions in the town; and the inventive entrepreneurs, inventors, and political leaders who have lived there.
The guide was developed through the collaborative effort of the historical society’s membership and has gone through several iterations over the past year.
“We are hoping to provide visitors with more than just a description of houses and landmarks, but to talk about the unique individuals and society that are part of the town’s history,” said Bruce Yelton, a society member.
Yelton said many of the names mentioned in the brochure will be familiar to local residents, such as Foote, Tupper, Cady, Partridge, Emilo, Peck, and many others.
 “One of my favorites is Eber Evarts,” Yelton said. “He and his family cleared land for a ‘place of entertainment’ before the American Revolution that became what we know today as the Waybury Inn. I only discovered after moving to East Middlebury four years ago that one of the inn’s owners was a relative of mine. Their story that involves cowboys, a romance, and long-distance travel.”
The walk described in the guide covers about 2.5 miles of East Main Street (Highway 125) and Case Street. It begins at the Waybury Inn, perhaps the town’s most well known landmark, and includes information about Prospect Cemetery and 20 other locations and homes.
The Green Mountain Club will be hosting an inaugural-guided walk on Nov. 2 in collaboration with the historical society to introduce the walking tour. For information regarding this walk please contact Bruce Yelton at 989-7752.
The East Middlebury Historical Society meets the second Tuesday of each month from April through November at the Sarah Partridge Library in East Middlebury. All are welcome. 

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