Property transfers in Addison County

The following real estate sales were recorded in the town of Addison in the first six months of 2019:
•Jan. 14: Christina and Attila Kovacs to Michael Hollis and Erin Cashman, home on 5.01 acres at 4686 Lake St., $370,000.
•March 8: Rheal and Gail Gevry, Trustees, to Lawrence and Dale Lynds, mobile home on 0.96 acre at 6386 Route 125, $183,400.
•March 29: Bank of America to Levi and Jennifer Barrett, home on 1.75 acres at 5018 Route 22A, $130,000.
•April 15: Brooks Trust to Tanya Hoard and Mark Chapman, mobile home on 2.5 acres at 84 Fisher Point Road, $118,000.
•April 25: Constance Wagner to Jordy Frates and Marissa Seablom, home on 10.1 acres at 6186 Route 125, $340,000.
•April 22: Priscilla Wager to David and Stacey Evans, home on 2.56 acres at 131 Tri-Town Road, $267,500.
•May 10: David Whitaker et al. to June Sargent, 0.67 acre at 279 Cedar Drive, $15,000.
•May 16: George Lyon estate to Robert and Toby Ortmyer, home at 49 Pheasant Run, $260,000.
•May 31: William Snell and Christine Thomas-Snell to Jocelyn Bushey, home at 482 Stillmeadow Lane, $246,600.
•June 14: Krysta Laroche to Arne and Nancy Phillips, home on 11.65 acres at 83 Nortontown Road, $265,000.
•June 14: Reynald and Shelly Godard and Sherry Brunet to Caleb Leuck, home at 5693 Route 22A, $259,000.
The following real estate sales were recorded in Ferrisburgh in the first six months of 2019:
•Jan. 8: Marcel and Averel Thibault to Deutsche Bank, home on 6.56 acres at 713 Quaker St., $279,000.
•Jan. 15: Gary Andrews to Benjamin Andrews, home at 266 Basin Harbor Road, $230,000.
•Jan. 23: Jeremy and Kimberly Clark to Stephanie Gall and David Holub, home on 6.28 acres at 190 Pierce Lane, $360,000.
•Jan. 25: William and Karen Larrow to Vermont Land Trust et al., conservation easement on 259-acre farm on Botsford Road, $360,000.
•Feb. 8: Taylor Harmeling to Sandra Driscoll and Gerald Zickler, 3.36 acres on Blue Heron Lane, $225,000.
•Feb. 12: Town of Ferrisburgh to Anthony and Laura Handy, home on 44.3 acres at 192 Bird Haven Lane, tax sale, $100,000.
•Feb. 13: Jean Chase estate to Ryan and Katrina Frere, seasonal home at 158 Button Bay Road, $205,000.
•Feb. 1: Jean Chase estate to Carolyn Brady, 0.32-acre lot on Button Bay Road, $125,000.
•March 15: Paulette McNary to Town and Country Homes Inc., 32.59 acres at 1908 Route 7, $230,000.
•March 15: Kristopher Brooks to Andrew Billings, home on 3.78 acres at 2407 Sand Road, $140,000.
•March 21: Alison Henry to Christopher and Elizabeth Cullen, home at 16 Annex Road on 0.14 acre, $225,000.
•March 22: Alan Curler et al. to Eric Gracie, home on 0.5 acre at 1153 Four Winds Road, $85,000.
•March 22: HUD to Nicole Brown, home on 10.1 acres at 655 Hawkins Road, $140,000.
•March 25: Charles and Sara Cushman to Megan and Lyman Gaudette, home on 1.9 acres at 97 Bisbee Road, $130,000.
•March 29: Kris Eitelman and Laura Lalumiere to William Larrow, home at 125 Little Chicago Road, $160,000.
•March 29: Ann Johnson Trust to Ray and Kara Cooley, home on 9.4 acres at 2272 Fuller Mountain Road, $450,000.
•April 15: Mary Ringey to Magui Yero, 3.34 acres of land on Sand Road, $42,500.
•April 17: Rusty and Aleta Greeno to Laurence Blanshard and Jennifer Hill, home on 2.1 acres at 1399 Sand Road, $271,500.
•April 24: Paige Betten and David Hugo to Mark and Tracy Brown, home on 2.1 acres at 6437 Route 7, $169,000.
•April 30: Diane and Brent Meacham to Tyler St. Jean, home on 10.13 acres at 435 Hawkins Road, $219,000.
•April 30: Joseph and Jacqueline Rivers to Kaci and Tyler Pierce, mobile home on 5.13 acres on Sand Road, $80,000.
•May 3: DJ and Molly Slothower to Shawn Thurber and Molly Strohammer, home at 593 Middlebrook Road, $300,000.
•May 3: Renee Lafountain to Robert Healy and Christina Freeman, 12.18 acres on Westin Road, $67,500.
•May 6: Carolyn Mitchell to Jeffrey and Irene Hobar, home at 517 Old Hollow Road, $205,000.
•May 8: DH Cameron Property LLC and Nilson Holdings LLC to Atlas Gunworks Inc., manufacturing building on 2.37 acres at 7058 Route 7, $550,000.
•May 10: Dana Devine to Shaun and Amanda Patnaude, home on 10.4 acres at 45 County Crossing Drive, $250,000.
•May 13: Marc Milowsky et al. to Edmund Izzo and Jill Boardman, trustees, seasonal dwelling on 0.75 acre at 276 Summer Point Lane, $560,000.
•May 15: Michael Coyle to Robert Germaine, home at 28 Jewell Lane, $168,500.
•May 31: Renee Lafountain to Emily Agrano, 6.39 acres on Westin Road, $65,000.
•June 27: U.S. National Bank Assn. to Tupper Hinsdale, home on 1.1 acres at 2549 Sand Road, $118,050.
•June 28: Kenneth Kadar to Alan and Heidi Rawls, home on 4.29 acres at 296 Mount Philo Road, $365,000.
The following arms-length real estate sales were recorded in Middlebury from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019. It should be noted that due to changes in Vermont property-transfer forms, only one buyer and seller are listed in most transactions:
•July 2, 2018, Ian Johnson to Jason L. Sherry, a home at 89 Drew Lane on 5.73 acres, $334,000.
•July 2, Dagan Murray to Evelyn Bushey, a home at 263 Mean Lane, $200,000
•July 2, Deborah Saporito to Jutta Miska, a condo at 46 Twin Circles, $240,000.
•July 12, Jacqui Josler to David Bennett, a mobile home at 47 Parkline Place, $39,500.
•July 10, Bernard Gale to Lisa Terrier, a mobile home at 133 Lindale Circle, $38,000.
•July 10, Karlee Kellington to Wendy Warren, a home at 193 Rogers Road, $125,000.
•July 19, Quarry Road Farms Inc. to Samuel Berthiaume, a home at 180 Dow Farm Lane, $278,000.
•July 19, Champlain Oil Co. to Global Montello Group Co., a gas station/garage at 82 Court St., $210,000.
•July 30, Middlebury College to Kevin Taylor, a home at 35 South St., $210,000.
•July 31, Catherine Rickerby to Marjorie Moureau, a home at 10 Swanage Court, $335,000.
•Aug. 1, David Wetmore to Timothy Franklin, a home at 325 Route 7 South, $235,000.
•Aug. 6, Benjamin Krahn to Damian Arndt, home on 3.35 acres at 413 Halpin Road, $335,000.
•Aug. 6, Sandra Pominville to Quarry Road Farms Inc., a home at 19 Rolling Acres, $250,000.
•Aug. 9, Karen Dunphy to Jill Ireland, home at 11 Springside Road, $439,000.
•Aug. 10, Robert Prigo to Gregory Donadio, a home at 110 Fields Road, $385,000.
•Aug. 10, Wendy Warren to Victoria Cherney, a home at 46 Shannon St., $270,000.
•Aug. 17, Steven Lindemann to John Billard, a home at 11 Gorham Lane, $299,000.
•Aug. 17, Barbara Charlamb Living Trust to Richard Hopkins, a home at 94 Meadow Glen Drive, $395,000.
•Aug. 20, Thomas Yurista to George Martin, a home at 53 Road 18, $389,000.
•Aug, 20, Priscilla Bowen to Angus Findlay, a home at 74 Oak Drive, $313,000.
•Aug. 31, Roy Garrusso to Arthur Sears Trust, a condo at 70 Maple St., $285,000.
•Aug. 29, Penny Lee to Leslie Caron, a home at 53 Peterson Terrace, $210,000.
•Aug. 29, Kimberly Franklin to Jeremy Harlos, a home at 34 Cardinal Way, $140,000.
•Aug. 29, Creek Road LLC to Mark Koenig, a home at 135 Creek Road, $404,000.
•Aug. 30, John Barrera to Mark Koenig, a condo at 102 Court St., $175,650.
•Sept. 6, Karl Neuse Voluntary Revocable Trust to One Cross St. LLC, office buildings at 1 Cross St., $275,000.
•Sept. 6, Michael Rowe to Elizabeth Candace Forsythe Revocable Trust, a condo at 23 Overbrook Drive, $222,200.
•Sept. 7, Barbara Wells to Timothy Peter Etchells Revocable Trust, a home on 19.6 acres at 923 Painter Road, $310,000.
•Sept. 14, David Andrews to Stephen Morse, a home at 48 Drew Lane, $268,500.
•Sept. 18, Francis Stevens to Lanpher Builds and Books LLC, a retail building at 3255 Route 7 South, $125,000.
•Sept. 18, Harvey Green to James Soriano, a home at 57 Court St., $280,000.
•Sept. 19, Benjamin Anderson-Ray to Martin Manion, a home at 32 Morningside Drive, $575,000.
•Sept. 24, Victoria Aubert to Damon Bushey, a home on 3.3 acres at 943 Shard Villa Road, $180,000.
•Sept. 24, David Stachnick to Elaine Chiarillo, a condo at 33 Twin Circles, $209,000.
•Sept. 26, Margaret Otis to Cutthroat Enterprises LLC, a retail building at 30 Seymour St., $162,500.
•Sept. 25, Tim Goyette to Scott Gilbert, a home at 38 Seymour St. Extension, $152,800.
•Sept. 26, Middlebury College to Andrew Demshuk, a home at 24 South St., $300,000.
•Sept. 27, Nellie Spencer to Anthony Niemo, a home at 1164 Case St., $150,000.
•Oct. 1, Estate of Diana Mooney Vandeveld to Tim Goyette, an apartment with office at 59 Court St., $145,000.
•Oct. 2, Stephen Eriksson to Kristin Mitchell, a home at 82 Birchard Park, $180,666.
•Oct. 5, David Horlacher to Robert Whitcomb, a condo at 7 Woodbridge Lane, $122,000.
•Oct. 12, Robert Pidgeon to Martha Lowe Revocable Trust, a condo at 70 Maple St., $395,000.
•Oct. 12, William Ford to Thomas Brennan, a home at 86 Chipman Park, $348,400.
•Oct. 12, Dana Robinson to Juanita Mora, a home at 72 Gambrel Court, $230,000.
•Oct. 16, Kyle Lussier to Michael Kellogg, a home at 42 Cottage Lane, $279,000.
•Oct. 18, John Wetzel to Kathleen McMurray, a home at 3379 Case St., $168,000.
•Oct. 19, Nancy M. Shea Family Trust to Natalie Eppelsheimer, a home at 436 Woodland Park, $369,000.
•Oct. 24, John Waszak to Edward Dunakin, a home at 302 Weybridge St., $305,000.
•Oct. 26, Susan Bourdon to Stephen Butterfield, a home at 276 Washington St. Ext., $148,000.
•Oct. 29, Michael Reeves to Kyle Lussier, a home at 29 Kings Row, $414,000.
•Nov. 1, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England to Vogel Properties LLC, a condo at 102 Court St., $77,500.
•Nov. 16, Stewart Lane to Joallen Vincent, a home at 118 Three Mile Bridge Road, $137,000.
•Nov. 16, Christine Eaton to Walker L’Roe, a home at 6 Chipman Heights, $325,000.
•Nov. 16, Jacob and Muriel Emmons Revocable Trust to Nichole Brigger, a home at 13 Stonegate Drive, $203,000.
•Nov. 19, Collamer LLC to Jason Covey, a home on 3.46 acres at 127 Butternut Ridge, $303,000.
•Nov. 19, Anita Cram to Allen Brands, a home on 2.88 acres at 1540 Case St., $215,000.
•Dec. 3, Christina Schwind to Wilson Travis, a home at 38 Orchard Lane, $240,000.
•Dec. 3, Sandra Mayo Jackson Realty Trust to Megan Burns, a home at 2 Forrest Lane, $275,000.
•Dec. 3, Jadon Fulmer to Jennifer Guenther, a home on 5.18 acres at 95 Wildflower Lane, $449,000.
•Dec. 4, William Coash to Richard Hansen, a condo at 70 Maple St., $396,500.
•Dec. 5, Krista Conley to Wendy Warren, a home at 10 South St., $265,000.
•Dec. 6, Rodney Dushaney Estate to Beverly Terrier, a home at 2078 Route 7 South, $118,000.
•Dec. 7, Kenneth Smith to Robert Dyke, a home on 2.3 acres at 1357 Case St., $210,000.
•Dec. 7, Jacqueline Flickinger Revocable Trust to Kim Christiansen, a home at 29 Washington St., $319,200.
•Dec. 10, Elizabeth Shanbacker to Gregory Prescott, a home at 468 East Main St., $230,000.
•Dec. 11, Grove Properties LLC to Griggs Family Properties LLC, commercial property (The Inn on the Green) at 71 South Pleasant St., $924,000.
•Dec. 13, Barrett Wendel Trust to Susan Prager, a condo at 22 Little Pond Road, $332,500.
•Dec. 19, Douglas Adams to Christopher Louvet, a home at 287 Rolling Acres, $335,000.
•Dec. 19. Quarry Road Farms Inc. to the Vermont Land Trust, a farm on 210 acres off Quarry Road and Munger Street, $338,000.
•Dec. 20, Eric Field to Renee Bratspis, a home at 24 High St., $315,000.
•Dec. 20, Theodore Panicucci to Joseph Zeno, a home at 44 Munson Road, $189,000.
•Jan. 1, 2019, Stoos Saunders to Matthew Cutts, a condo at 1 Ledgewood Court, $115,000.
•Jan. 1, Elaine Kellogg Revocable trust to 94 Court St. LLC, office buildings at 94 Court St., $520,000.
•Jan. 4, Michael Hoffman to Joseph Brown, a home at 29 Seminary St., $775,000.
•Jan. 9, Shirley Carlson Revocable Trust to Poplar Ridge LLC, an office building at 58 Court St., $414,500.
•Jan. 18, William Boutwell to Cynthia Thomas, 23 acres of land off Grist Mill Road, $140,000.
•Jan. 18, Middlebury College to Community Barn Real Estate LLC, the Stone Mill building at 3 Mill St., $500,000.
•Jan. 23, Alexander Elias to Linda Luxenberg, a condo at 13 Ledgewood Court, $100,000.
•Jan. 28, John Dale to Daniel Brown, a home on 10.6 acres at 371 Halpin Road, $540,000.
•Feb. 14, Orrin Sunderland Estate to Mumin Kadric, a home at 98 Danyow Drive, $175,000.
•Feb. 21, Larry Bailey to Sarah Reeves, a home at 719 Washington St. Ext., $319,900.
•Feb. 22, Richard Moore to Wilhelm Ydel, a condo at 22 Overbrook Drive, $220,000.
•Feb. 28, Elias Erwin to Benjamin Morris, a home on 3.1 acres at 447 East Main St., $420,000.
•Feb. 28, GLR LLC to Anthony Neri Property rentals LLC, a retail building at 55 Middle Road, $250,000.
•Feb. 28, Jennifer Bates to Stacey Sherman, a home at 5 Methodist Lane, $210,000.
•March 4, Logan Price to John Dale, a home at 6 Meadow Way, $382,000.
•March 13, Gailen Jette Revocable Trust to Elizabeth Barrows, a home at 82 Green Mountain Place, $430,000.
•March 13, Ronald Counter to Miranda Sampson, a home at 100 North Pleasant St., $170,000.
•March 15, Shirley Burd Revocable Trust to Timothy Weller, a home at 185 Mead Lane, $190,000.
March 21, Josephine Herrera to Rick Christofferson, a home at 12 Stonegate Drive, $164,500.
•March 22, Douglas Butler to the Vermont Land Trust, an operating farm and buildings on 148 acres at 1726 Munger St., $475,000.
•March 26, Battell Block LLC to the Vermont Agency of Transportation, an easement at 10 Merchants Row, $532,000.
•March 28, Floyd Moodie to Richard Cuyler, a home at 251 Rogers Road, $253,000.
•March 29, Cynthia Webb to Brian Holzhammer, a home at 26 Kings Row, $168,500.
•April 3, Pier Lafarge to Juniper Holdings LLC, a home at 47 North Pleasant St., $194,500.
•April 5, Diane Schmid to Jeff Crawford, a home at 1100 and 1108 Case St., $155,000.
•April 12, Bewran LLC to Eight Elm LLC, an apartment/office building at 8 Elm St., $260,000.
•April 15, Wesley McKee to Nicolas Poppe, a home on 10.9 acres at 1646 Halladay Road, $492,000.
•April 15, Jordan Benjamin to Singh Group, a home at 81 Cottage Lane, $295,000.
•April 19, James Goodwin to Elizabeth Killorin, a condo at 7 Twin Acres, $225,000.
•April 19, Blake Harrison to Kevin McGrath, a home at 51 North Pleasant St., $253,000.
•April 24, Brian Calhoun to Matthew Von Behrens, a home at 86 Halladay Road, $229,500.
•April 24, Linda Namy to Ross Lengyel, a home at 10 Kings Row, $280,000.
•May 1, Christopher Owens to Joseph Hans, a home at 144 Woodland Park, $375,000.
•May 1, Frances Washington to Carol Stephenson, a condo at 69 Otterside Court, $177,000.
•May 3, D&L Holdings LLC to 158C High St. LLC, a building with retail, office and two dwellings at 64 Main St., $505,000.
•May 7, Halbert Collins to Michael Brinkman, a home on 3.5 acres at 24 Airport Road, $249,500.
•May 10, Eli Willey to Shiqi Chen, a home at 28 Fields Road, $372,000.
•May 17, Martha Lowe to Andrew Furtsch, a condo at 70 Maple St., $385,000.
•May 24, Ursula’s Court LLC to Middtown Management LLC, a multi-family home and dental office at 9 Court St., $379,000.
•May 31, Linda Luxenberg to Katie Gillespie, a condo at 13 Ledgewood Court, $110,000.
•May 30, Federal National Mortgage Association to Mike Redko, a condo at 30 Twin Circles, $190,000.
•June 3, Gary Grimes to Jeffrey Wacker, a home on 7.9 acres at 476 Route 7 North, $232,000.
•June 3. Eamon del Giacco to Mary Conklin, a home at 144 South Ridge Drive, $400,000.
•June 3, Gong Family Trust to Mark Sousa, a home at 122 Birch Drive, $331,000.
•June 4, Edward Haggerty to Neil and Lilalee Fisher Joint Revocable Trust, a condo as 202 Basin Road, $270,000.
•June 5, 63 Green Mountain Place LLC to Jeremy Ward, a home at 63 Green Mountain Place, $232,850.
•June 5, MWM LLC to Pitchview LLC, office building at 231 Court St., $277,500.
•June 7, Ethan Fenn to Suzanne Ward revocable Trust, a condo at 18 Nedde Lane, $340,000.
•June 14, Renee Bratspis to R.A.G. Trust, a home at 11 Elm St., $255,000.
•June 18, Leticia Arroyo to Jeremy Palmer, a home at 122 South Ridge Drive, $396,000.
•June 17, Lydia Davison to Sheila Wolfe, a condo at 14 Evergreen Lane, $168,000.
•June 19, GPR Realty Trust to North By East Property LLC, an industrial warehouse/factory at 227 Pond Lane, $1,840,000.
•June 21, Shawn Davis to Liam Maxwell, a home at 3 Wilmar St., $175,000.
•June 24, Andrew Clark to Gregory Danyow, a home at 105 Seminary St., $254,000.
•June 28, Andrew Pohlen to Jones Family Trust, a home on 2.23 acres at 5 Forest Ridge Drive, $375,500.
•June 28, Jordan Eaton to Thompson Bolmer Jr., a home on 10 acres at 1788 Halladay Road, $480,000.
•June 28, Ronald Hadley to Joanne Luella Wildermuth Revocable Trust, a condo at 17 Twin Circles, $247,500.
The following real estate sales were recorded in the Panton Town Clerk’s Office during the first six months of 2019:
•March 25, 2019: Shane and Cathy King to Charles and Sara Cushman, home on 15.6 acres at 165 Route 22A, $304,000.
•April 3: Carrara Trust to MSFE LLC, seasonal home at 404 Staton Drive, $910,850.
•April 15: Edward and Beverly Biello to Derek and Abby Matson, home on 27.8 acres at 3376 Jersey St., $576,000.
•April 26: Charlene Fitzpatrick and Lyn and Timothy Billings to Rudolf Vorsteveld, home on 10.1 acres on Jersey Street, $136,000.
•May 16: Forsyth Trust to Aaron Harris, camp on 6.75 acres at 1490 Arnold Bay Road, $939,000.
•June 3: Jerry Rule to 1072 Panton Road LLC, home and Whispering Pines Campground on 10.6 acres at 1072 Panton Road, $441,750.
•June 7: FNMA to David Shlansky, home on 116 Sunset Knoll, $101,001.
•June 13: Claire Desmarais to Ian Johnstone, home at 503 Turkey Lane on 10.06 acres, $600,000
•June 26: David Meath, Deborah Allen and Bethanie Brady to William Farrell, 27 acres on Lake Road, $581,000.
The following real estate sales were recorded at Vergennes City Hall during the first six months of 2019:
•Dec. 7, 2018: Christopher Cargiulo to MTGLQ Investors LP, home at 19 Thomas Circle, $210,000.
•Jan. 4: Shelley and Nathan Barcomb to Justin Soter and Alyssa Lucia, home at 32 Thomas Circle, $225,000.
•Jan. 10: Buskey Trust to Vergennes Village LLC, residential care home at 34 North St., $342,500.
•Jan. 10: Peter Troy and Mia Troy-Vowell to Zachariah Maple, home at 23 Mountain View Lane, $235,000.
•Jan. 31: Ryan Williamson to Sarah O’Donnell, multi-family dwelling at 41 Green St., $150,000.
•March 1: Brian Osha to Gary and Shirley Andrews, home at 39 West St., $229,000.
•March 25: Shannon Mahoney and Michael Tope to Brendan Conroy, home at 14 North St., $268,000.
•March 29: River’s Edge Associates LLC to Robert and Margaret Donaghey, new home at 123 Commodore Drive, $334,554.
•April 1: Laurie Murphy to Laura Lalumiere, mobile home at 20 First St., $38,000.
•April 5: Williamson Properties LLC to 29 Short LLC, multi-family home at 29 Short St., $260,000.
•May 15: Rebecca Tarte to Dennis and Helen van Auken, home at 192 South Maple St., $220,000.
•May 15: Marcel and Kiri Iovu to Sean Hauter and Renee Patten, home at 8 School St., $215,000.
•May 17: Francis Trombley and John Farbotko to Greg Lutton LLC, commercial building on 0.3 acre at 61 Main St., $150,000.
•May 24: Corsair LLC to Strong Horse Hospitality Inc., Strong House Inn on 4.9 acres at 94 West Main St., $875,000.
•May 30: David Bowen to Matthew and Danelle Birong, home at 20 Victory St., $196,000.
•May 31: River’s Edge Associates LLC to William and Angela Kunkel, new home at 85 Commodore Drive, $335,000.
•June 12: Patricia Fuller-Marsh, Kathryn Fuller, Robin Torrey and Susan Burdick to Gregory Burdick, home at 61 New Haven Road, $217,000.
•June 12: Gregory Burdick to Brian Gebo, home at 7 Green Meadow Acres, $425,000.
•June 12: Susan Rossier estate to Kristine Blaisdell, home at 39 New Haven Road, $123,500.
•June 20: Joanne Dion to Benjamin and Amberlynn Young, home at 13 South Water St., $180,000.
The following real estate sales were recorded in the town of Waltham in the first six months of 2019:
•Feb. 15: Evelyn Sears Trust to William and Kelly Bergmans, home on 1 acre at 1814 South Middlebrook Road, $139,000.
•Feb. 15: Craig and Kathryn Newton to Brent and Diana Newton, home on 50.04 acres in Waltham and New Haven at 2133 Route 17, $250,000.
•March 22: Carol Callahan to Daniel, Megan and Melinda Morse, home on 1 acre at 2527 Green St., $102,000.
•May 24: Ruth and Edwin Grant to Tomas and Christina Ensalata, home and guest house on 75.16 acres at 1057 Maple Street Extension, $800,000.

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