BTC edges Marlins in Middlebury

MIDDLEBURY — Visiting Burlington Tennis Club on Tuesday topped the Middlebury Marlins, 248-202, in a competitive Champlain Valley Swim League Meet.
The Marlins came up short despite two victories apiece from Mitzi Poduschnick, Aurora Foley, Sadie Chance, Ava Schneider, Natalie Rockwell and Constantin Bellman.
Middlebury is set to visit Winooski this Thursday before hosting friendly county rival Vergennes this coming Tuesday.
Marlins scoring points with top-three finishes this past Tuesday vs. BTC were:
•U-8 girls: 1. M. Poduschnick, 20.38; 2. A. Foley.
•U-8 boys: 1. C. Bellman, 20.38.
•U-10 girls: 1. S. Chance, 18.42; 2. Sarah Bevere.
•U-10 boys: 1. Daniel Power, 20.95.
•U-12 girls: 1. A. Schneider, 33.37; 3. Lucy Poduschnick.
•U-14 girls: 1. N. Rockwell, 33.55; 2. Catherine Carpenter.
•U-14 boys: 2. Connor McNamara; 3. Aidan Chance.
•U-18 girls: 2. Holly Staats.
•U-18 boys: 1. Fraser Milligan,27.74; 2. Eliot Schneider.
•U-8 girls: 1. A. Foley, 22.77.
•U-8 boys: 1. Paul Foley, 26.37; 3. Reed Allen.
•U-10 girls: 3. Eleanor Orten.
•U-10 boys: 2. Isaiah Robinson; 3. D. Power.
•U-12 girls: 3. Margaret Orten.
•U-14 girls: 2. N. Rockwell.
•U-18 girls: 3. H. Staats.
•U-18 boys: 2. Oliver Poduschnick; 3. Will Carpenter.
•U-8 girls: 1. M. Poduschnick, 24.24.
•U-8 boys: 2. C. Bellman.
•U-10 girls: 2. S. Chance; 3. S. Bevere.
•U-10 boys: 1. I. Robinson, 25.00.
•U-12 girls: 2. Kaitlyn Sulik-Doty; 3. L. Poduschnick.
•U-14 girls: 3. C. Carpenter.
•U-14 boys: 2. C. McNamara; 3. Patrick Stone.
•U-18 girls: 1. Ellie Ross, 35.43; 3. H. Staats.
•U-18 boys: 2. O. Poduschnick; 3. F. Milligan.
•U-8 girls: 1. A. Foley, 18.35; 2. M. Poduschnick.
•U-8 boys: 1. C. Bellman, 19.25; 3. P. Foley.
•U-10 girls: 1. S. Chance, 17.03; 2. Louisa Orten.
•U-10 boys: 3. D. Power.
•U-12 girls: 1. A. Schneider, 30.54; 3. L. Poduschnick.
•U-12 boys: 3. Gabriel Schmidt.
•U-14 girls: 1. N. Rockwell, 29.43.
•U-14 boys: 2. A. Chance; 3. P. Stone.
•U-18 girls: 3. E. Ross.
•U-18 boys: 1. O. Poduschnick, 23.94; 3. W. Carpenter.

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