Letter to the editor: Headlines not deerly beloved

Oh deer, the Addison Independent Nov. 29 headlines were quite confusing. “Big bucks spent in county elections” and “Hunters stay on track for record deer count.” At first glance I had an image of eight-point big bucks tired and exhausted by their electioneering. Are our local deer the ones who put up all of those campaign signs? Or, are you referring to all of the doe spent on the elections? There was indeed an excessive amount of fawning over various candidates in your letters to the editor, even as others protested that some were taking pot shots that should not be allowed. Was the record count by hunters referring to the too-close-to-call prosecutor’s race? What a lovely image — hunters in camouflage carefully examining ballots and, I presume, taking their results to the local weighing station for verification? At least the letter from a coyote made sense. Ah, only in Vermont.
Randy Kritkausky

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