Millions of dollars coming to Vt. for EV charging stations

MIDDLEBURY — While the electric vehicle (EV) was invented nearly 50 years before the gas-powered automobile came onto the scene in 1885, widespread adoption of EVs has been slow. Part of the reason for the sluggish transition from gas powered cars to
EVs in recent years has been an insufficient number of EV charging stations. In September, Gov. Phil Scott too a step to accelerate EV adoption by announcing Vermont’s new Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment program (EVSE). This program will deliver millions of dollars to communities across the state to install electric vehicle charging stations.
“Transportation is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in Vermont and passenger vehicle use makes up the largest share of those emissions,” Scott said. “Increasing the use of electric vehicles is a critical strategy for Vermont to reduce emissions from the transportation sector and to achieve its goal of 90 percent renewable energy use by 2050. This new grant program will help expedite Vermont’s transition to cleaner forms of transportation.”
The $2.4 million charging station grant program will advance Vermont’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build a greener and more vibrant economy. The funding came from a settlement between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Volkswagen after the company violated the Clean Air Act by selling cars that purposefully emitted more pollution than allowed.
This program is a partnership between the Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Housing and Community Development, Agency of Transportation, Department of Health and the Public Service Department. The program prioritizes funding in statedesignated areas, like downtowns and village centers, highway corridors, public transit stops, major tourist destinations, colleges and universities, hospitals, public park-and-rides, workplaces and multi-family housing.
Grant applications for the first round are due Nov. 30. For information about the program or to apply, visit the Department of Housing and Community Development website at For more information about the EVSE grant program contact [email protected] or visit the website listed above.
The grants were announced while Gov. Scott and his administration were in Middlebury as part of their Addison County “Capitol for a Day” events.

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