Letter to the editor: May the best candidates win state Senate contest

I have been counting with interest the ratio of letter writers to the Addison Independent supporting Bray and Hardy compared to Audet and Ralston. At about 7 to 1, mainly from the “Big” town and associated non-gated suburbs, it either implies campaigning differentials, or a propensity to write a lot of letters in the big town, or a reluctance by rural Addison County residents to be outspoken.
Whatever your opinion, all the candidates are great. Let the best two for all of Addison win, including the small towns. Our elected representatives need to understand and respect the harmony between different demographics and locales and not prejudice the delicate balance between Rural, Town and College. We all need each other. Small vibrant towns need a school, church and town office to maintain appeal and growth.
By the way, I still have not heard any candidate supporting the milk pipeline from Shoreham and the West to the Middlebury industrial processing plants! We could add a conveyor belt for apples.
Nick Causton

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