Shooters claim success: After 554 bucks taken, rifle season second best in 13 years

ADDISON COUNTY — Area deer hunters enjoyed the second-best rifle deer season since 2005, bringing 554 bucks to Addison County weigh stations during the 16-day season that ran Nov. 11 to 26.
That total of deer taken came just 19 short of 2016’s total of 573, the highest since Vermont wildlife officials in 2005 banned the taking of spikehorn bucks during November’s rifle season, the most popular of the state’s deer hunting seasons.
This year’s count easily tops the county’s second-best rifle total since 2005. That came in 2015, when hunters had 444 bucks weighed locally.
And the number of deer weighed at county reporting stations this year overall — for rifle, bow, muzzleloader and youth seasons — remains on pace to break the post-2005 record of 1,064 set in 2016.
The rifle season kill brings the 2017 total to 925 (261 for October bow, 110 for Youth Hunting Weekend, and 554for rifle) weighed at one of the following: Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury; Rack and Reel in New Haven; Buxton’s Store in Orwell; Jerusalem Corner Country Store in Starksboro; Lincoln and West Addison general stores; Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol; and C&S Hunting Supplies in East Middlebury.
If those eight weigh stations handle more than 139 deer between Dec. 2 and 10, when the muzzleloader and second bow seasons run this year, a new mark will be set. In 2016 191 deer were taken in December.
Other county totals between 2009 and 2015 have ranged from a low of 671 in 2011 to a high of 1,021 in 2010 — a number that 2017 appears ready to overtake. 
Regardless, 2017 is already a banner year, with plenty of freezers full of venison and photos of hunters and their kills posted on Facebook.
Lincoln General Store owner Vaneasa Stearns takes pictures of successful hunters at her store and said she was running out of room to pin them up.
“I put them on a door frame. It was so full I couldn’t fit any more,” Stearns said. “Everyone was, ‘Wow, look at all the deer.’”
Weigh station operators described the herd as healthy, and hunters took home a number of trophy bucks.
“There were some decent-size deer this year,” said Buxton’s Store owner Andy Buxton.
Buxton’s Store weighed the three biggest deer, a 223-pound, 3-pointer that Wright Myrick shot in Bridport; a 213-pound, 9-pointer Taylor Patterson brought down in Shoreham; and a 212-pound, 8-pointer Stephen Parise killed in Orwell.
Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury handled Erik Richman’s trophy buck, a 202-pound, 8-pointer he shot in Ripton, and another big buck, a 198-pound, 8-pointer Gene Torrey took in Salisbury.
Ben Cayer took a 197-pound, 7-pointer to Rack and Reel in New Haven.
Buxton’s weighed the only 200-pound deer taken on opening weekend, one exactly that weight, an 8-pointer shot by Emilee Huntley in Orwell.  
The Independent listed hunters who took deer during opening weekend in our Nov. 16 edition.
Hunters who were successful shooting bucks Nov. 13-26 and had their deer weighed locally were (listed by name, town of kill, pounds and points):
Ben Cayer, Starksboro, 197 pounds, 7 points; Cooper Harvey, Charlotte, 184-8; Corey Hutchins, Ferrisburgh, 180-6; Jim Demilt, Lincoln, 180-8; Walter Stone, Monkton, 176-8; Thadeus Sorrell, Charlotte, 174-8; Shane McGrath, New Haven, 172-8; Luc Charlebois, Bristol, 171-6; Allan Willey, Bristol, 170-10; Shawn Freegard, Weybridge, 169-8; Peter Norris, New Haven, 169-6; Charles Johnson, Charlotte, 169-8; Kevin Kayhart, Waltham, 168-9; and Michael Collette, Addison, 168-6.
Also, Michael Preston, Panton, 167-4; Samuel Martin, Charlotte, 166-6; Bethany Hallock, Salisbury, 166-8; Jason Harvey, Charlotte, 164-8; Lance Perlee, Bristol, 164-7; Nick Curtis, New Haven, 161-6; Daniel Smith, Panton, 161-8; Ryan Paquin, Addison, 161-10; James Foley, New Haven, 159-8; Scott Brace, Ferrisburgh, 156-5; Chad Rule, New Haven, 156-5; Mason Coleman, Monkton, 155-7; Richard Ambrose, Colchester, 155-8; and Ryan Cornellier, Ferrisburgh, 154-6.
Also, Evan Fleming, Ferrisburgh, 153-7; Travis Kirby, Bristol, 149-6; Timothy Casey, Granville, 149-6; Billie Baslow, New Haven, 148-4; David Schmidt, Starksboro, 148-8; Brian Novak, Middlebury, 147-3; Todd Hunter, Monkton, 146-3; Mason Livingston, New Haven, 145-5; Jonathan Audy, New Haven, 145-6; Randy Sargent, Starksboro, 143-6; Lucius Cousino, Bristol, 142-5; Eric St. Cyr, Starksboro, 142-4; and Zachary Lavoie, Ferrisburgh, 141-6.
Also, Bryan Ashley-Selleck, Weybridge, 140-6; Edward Sears, Ferrisburgh, 140-5; Donald Stearns, Hinesburg, 139-8; Lee Lapell, Fayston, 139-7; Nicholas Ouellette, Lincoln, 138-6; Ronald Adams, Ripton, 138-7; Alex Barrows, Lincoln, 137-7; Adam Crary, Ripton, 135-8; Bruce Isham, Monkton, 135-8; Phillip Williams, Cornwall, 135-6; Dean Gilmore, New Haven, 134-7; Michael Robert, Huntington, 133-4; Thomas Walker, Monkton, 132-6; and Garth Gaboriault, Richmond, 130-4.
Also, Kyle Charron, Ferrisburgh, 130-6; William Allenson, New Haven, 130-3; John Pickering, New Haven, 129-3; Alan Bessette, Ferrisburgh, 128-4; Silas Shepard, Bristol, 128-6; Ryan Thomas-Danyow, Ferrisburgh, 127-6; Jason Sabourin, Ferrisburgh, 127-8; Scott Crane, New Haven, 127-9; Gary Smith, Addison, 124-3; Mark Livingston, New Haven, 126-6; Danielle Norris, New Haven, 125-5; Ethan Gevry, Addison, 124-3; and Carl Laberge, Bristol, 122-6.
Also, Bailey Smith, Ferrisburgh, 120-3; Dustin Proulx, Monkton, 120-6; Tallon Real, New Haven, 120-3; Geoffrey Lavelette, Monkton, 119-7; Terry Hier, Weybridge, 118-3; Amos Higbee, Monkton, 118-4; Alexis Perlee, New Haven, 116-4; Richard Kemp, Middlebury, 115-6; Jesse Therrien, New Haven, 115-4; and Bruce Meader, Ripton, 114-6.
Also, Joshua Preston, Panton, 112-3; Jody Bartlett, Bristol, 112-6; Joshua Baldwin, New Haven, 110-6; Jim Kastner, Weybridge, 109-3; Shawn Russell, New Haven, 109-3; Alan Whittemore, Ferrisburgh, 107-4; Kevin Masse, Monkton, 105-5; and Diane Higbee, Monkton, 95-4.
Erik Richman, Ripton, 202-8; Gene Torrey, Salisbury, 198-8; Ralph Dragon, Middlebury, 173-8; Blake Emilo-Webb, Ripton, 165-6; Danny Dragon, Ripton, 165-6; Judson Mumford, Leicester, 160-8; Charles Mraz, Ripton, 159-8; Justin Maheu, Cornwall, 157-8; Matthew Broughton, Bridport, 154-8; Colin Foster, Middlebury, 154-8; Cynthia Frobel, Middlebury, 153-8; Timothy Whitney, Cornwall, 153-8; and Richard Wood, Ripton, 152-7.
Also, Colin Clohessy, Ripton, 152-10; David Doria, Goshen, 152-6; Karl Kelton, Middlebury, 151-8; Michael Carter, Bridport, 148-6; Jay Smits, Bridport, 147-6; Shawn Gero, Cornwall, 147-4; Pamela Whitney, Cornwall, 145-8; Terry Aldrich, Cornwall, 145-7; Gary Gorton, Salisbury, 143-6; Karl Kaufmann, Bridport, 142-4; Israel Dwire, Salisbury, 140-3; Mark Humiston, Hubbardton, 140-6; Mort Pierpont, Salisbury, 140-8; and Brian Blake, Salisbury, 140-5.
Also, Joseph Dragon, Ripton, 140-4; Arthur Cyr, Bristol, 137-8; Robert Whittemore, Ripton, 135-4; Edward Malzac, Middlebury, 135-4; Patrick Fifield, Ripton, 135-4; Scott Whitman, Ripton, 134-5; Larry Smith, Ripton, 134-5; Andrew Gosselin, Middlebury, 133-4; Daniel Bourgeois, Hinesburg, 133-8; Levi Doria, Ripton, 132-4; Morgan Dragon, Ripton, 132-4; David Dushaney, Weybridge, 132-4; and Barry Whitney, Middlebury, 130-4.
Also, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Cornwall, 130-6; Andrew Hutchison, Leicester, 130-6; Peter Laframboise, Cornwall, 130-6; Fred Ramsburg, Ripton, 126-6; Ronald Devoid, Middlebury, 124-7; Whitney Durgin, Whiting, 124-3; Mark Lee, Leicester, 123-6; Andrew Filion, Salisbury, 122-3; Josh Roscoe, Lincoln, 122-4; Steven Ouellette, Bridport, 122-6; and Jason Lucia, New Haven, 120-5.
Kathryn Kayhart, Waltham, 110-6; Robert Therrien, Charlotte, 136-7; Susan French, Addison, 136-6; Christopher Mulliss, Addison, 117-5; Derek Campbell, Addison, 113-6; Ryan Fortune, Cornwall, 156-4; Ashley Bodington, Addison, 133-4; Klancy Dunbar, Bridport, 113-3; Kelly Heath, Panton, 118-5; and Michael Hinsdale, Ferrisburgh, 186-8.
Also, Joseph Coyle, Monkton, 140-6; Scott Curtis, Monkton, 146-8; Foster Tucker, Bridport, 120-5; Jameson Bannister, Addison, 119-4; William Feldman, New Haven, 158-7; Andrew Warren, Bridport, 135-4; Russell Bishop, Shoreham, 117-5; Andrew Raymond, Ferrisburgh, 190-7; and Edward Devino, Ripton, 120-3.
Richard Antone, Jr. Williston, 127-5; Jonathan Haley, Lincoln, 124-5; Richard Antone, Williston, 163-8; Adam Thomas, Lincoln, 142-4; James Donegan, Granville, 144-5; Aaron Thomas, Bristol, 145-6; Mark Cousino, Lincoln, 145-7; Adam Coyle, Starksboro, 117-4; James Ferland, Lincoln, 132-8; Erik Mayer, Starksboro, 124-4; Brayton Gillette, Ferrisburgh, 110-3; John Barrows, Ripton, 150-7; Craig Desautels, Lincoln, 110-4; and Brian Baillargon, Lincoln, 137-6.
Also, Ross Norton, Lincoln, 149-5; Robert Jimmo, Lincoln, 159-7; Patrick Hendee, Starksboro, 147-6; Jody Conant, Duxbury, 111-4; Michael Murphy, Lincoln, 142-5; Peter Brown, Lincoln, 152-4; Scott Manning, Starksboro, 123-3; John Chamberlain, Bristol, 116-4; John Buonincontro, Huntington, 183-7; Jeremy Francis, Bridport, 142-5; Ruth Antone, Williston, 127-6; Todd Beauvais, Lincoln, 110-3; Darwin Cousino, Ripton, 121-3; and Shaun O’Connor, Lincoln, 120-3.
Benjamin Emmons, Hinesburg, 120-6; Sanford Holbrook, Starksboro, 136-6; Christopher Breen, Starksboro, 137-7; Michael Chenette, Huntington, 131-8; Robert Ayers, Huntington, 180-8; Shawn Roscoe, Bristol, 108-3; Bradley Palmer, Charlotte, 189-8; Heidi Vincent, Starksboro, 130-3; Cindy Aube, Charlotte, 124-8; Nathaniel Dyer, Huntington, 171-7; Kyle Bezanson, Lincoln, 125-6; and Dustin Haselton, Huntington, 125-6.
Also, Richard Lucia, Huntington, 116-5; Mark Mashia, Huntington, 115-5; Henry Roberts, Starksboro, 121-3; George Lavalette, Shelburne, 145-6; Richard Mason, Starksboro, 149-6; Matthew Niquette, Starksboro, 138-8; David Whitcomb, Starksboro, 120-4; Jeffrey Brown, Buel’s Gore, 170-8; Eben Clifford, Shoreham, 110-3; Donald Dolliver, Starksboro, 146-6; and Adam Lafountain, Starksboro, 165-8.
Also, Jason Berry, Lincoln, 158-4; Devin Belisle, Starksboro, 122-3; Larry Orvis, Bristol, 140-4; Bradley Boss, Starksboro, 116-3; Tim Taft, Huntington, 135-6; Ben Smith, Lincoln, 160-7; Adam Thompson, Fayston, 170-6; Danny Grace, Bristol, 170-5; Jared Martin, Fayston, 136-6; Victor Atkins, Lincoln, 144-4; Alfred Thompson, Starksboro, 184-10; Roy Catella, Warren, 150-4; Damion Mitchell, Charlotte, 122-4; and Randy Blanchard, Monkton, 116-4.
Hannah Williams, Whiting, 107-3; Roger Bougor, Orwell, 115-3; Timothy Short, Orwell, 141-6; Daniel Desforges, Shoreham, 180-8; Duane Kehoe, Shoreham, 180-10; Robert Leno, Whiting, 117-4; Sarah Washburn, Orwell, 190-8; John Gosselin, Shoreham, 164-6; Wyatt Stearns, Cornwall, 171-8; Kyle Trudo, Orwell, 127-3; Rupert LaRock, Sudbury, 143-7; Donald Gaiotti, Shoreham, 145-5; Wyatt Traverse, Shoreham, 105-8; and James Carmichael, Shoreham, 165-9.
Also, Daniel Gosselin, Orwell, 150-0; Thomas Bouchard, Orwell, 115-7; Gabe Laberge, Shoreham, 130-4; Christopher Davis. Shoreham, 124-4; Jeffrey Williams, Whiting, 125-4; Taylor Patterson, Shoreham, 213-9; Robert Doane, Shoreham, 175-6; Mark LeBeau, Shoreham, 175-6; Stephen Parise, Orwell, 212-8; Michael Matot, Shoreham, 140-6; Stephen Blaise, Orwell, 112-5; Raymond Bradish, Orwell, 191-8; Steven Brileya, Shoreham, 180-7; and Travis Little, Shoreham, 132-3.
Also, Lloyd Davis, Bridport, 138-8; Edson Lanpher, Shoreham, 120-3; Nicholas Audet, Bridport, 115-3; Garrett Given, Orwell, 196-7; Steve Myrick, Bridport, 118-8; Jeremy Audet, Orwell, 158-7; Darryl Davis, Shoreham, 165-6; Anthony Davis, Shoreham, 126-4; Aaron Ouellette, Bridport, 117-6; Tyler Hotte, Bridport, 135-8; Wright Myrick, Bridport, 223-3; Louis Lee, Orwell, 179-6; Jesse Booska, Orwell, 140-5; and Andrew Fletcher, Orwell, 184-8.
Gary Briggs, Lincoln, 149-7; Linda Barrows, Lincoln, 140-8; Jeremy Jennings, New Haven, 120-4; Stephen Aruzza, Middlebury, 113-4; Matthew Bartlett, Shelburne, 120-4; Ambrose Cousino, Weybridge, 120-3; Cory Jennings, Charlotte, 106-3; Daniel Nugent, Starksboro, 139-4; Daniel Bromley, Hinesburg, 155-5; Percy Jennings, Charlotte, 145-6; and Andrew Wernhoff, Bristol, 164-7.
Also, Nolan Whitcomb, Starksboro, 160-4; Anthony Porter, Starksboro, 136-6; Todd Jennings, Starksboro, 127-3; Caleb Tucker, New Haven, 149-4; George Coro, Middlebury, 149-4; Lucas Livingston, Bristol, 146-6; Daniel Briggs, New Haven, 142-5; and Mark Roberts, Grand Isle, 110-3.
Also, Kristin Butler, Bristol, 181-6; Ronald Swenor, Ferrisburgh, 107-8; Ronald Gorton, New Haven, 162-4; Mike Betourney, Salisbury, 110-3; Timothy Brown, St. George, 107-4; Dylan Roscoe, Huntington, 142-6; Richard Billings, Middlebury, 161-6; and Carroll Griggs, Starksboro, 112-3.
James Warner, Ripton, 137-4.
(These hunters were successful during the October-November archery season; their names could not be obtained earlier.) Bruce Cram, Ripton, doe 122 pounds; Hunter Warner, Middlebury, buck 113-3; Francis Simons, Middlebury, doe 113; Scott Whitman, Ripton, doe 105; Toby Rheaume, Salisbury, doe 101; Richard Miller, Middlebury, doe 70; and Richard Tatro, Brandon, female 61. 

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