Letter to the Editor: President Trump proving to be inept at art of diplomacy

Donald Trump has repeatedly denigrated Kim Jong Un as “Little Rocket Man”, and has called him “short and fat”. Trump has also threatened to destroy North Korea and has issued other invasion threats. He has said these things to such an extent that Kim Jong Un finally has Trump right where he wants him: in his crosshairs.
If Trump began an invasion of North Korea, Kim would rain thousands of missiles and rockets on Seoul, where 25 million people live, including 100,000 Americans. Carnage, death and destruction would be catastrophic. Against a million or more North Korean soldiers, the United States can muster only 28,500 troops, an insignificant amount against Kim’s vast army. And Kim may not be above using gas to produce nerve, blister and other biological calamities.
None of this includes the devastation that Kim would inflict on Japan and other American allies in the Western Pacific. Kim has nothing to lose. These statistics are not mine; they were quoted in Barrie Dunsmore’s piece of Nov. 12, as he cited Rear Admiral Michael Dumont, of the Joint Chiefs Planning Committee, in a letter to Congress.
I have terrible fear that, if Donald trump launches an attack on Kim, Kim’s response will be overwhelmingly destructive, with millions dead, South Korea and Japan in a shambles, and all on Trump’s conscience.
Donald Trump has absolutely no idea of how to deal with heads of state. Hillary Clinton does, and proved as much as Secretary of State. My fondest wish is that Hillary were sitting in the Oval Office, gradually sifting through international problems in a clear, rational and intelligent manner, not in a brutish, prideful and loutish manner as is presently the case.
Larry Booker

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