Letters to the Editor: Actions, demeanor of President No. 45 unfortunate

How? How did this happen? How did America become the private property and ultimate celebrity show of a flaccid faced, lipless, combed over hair bozo? Look at him! Each day he becomes literally, physically, more bloated, from the power he feeds on.
There is a whole family of Trump vampires nesting in the White House. The offices of the West Wing are occupied by a changeling. Appropriately named for a man who morphs wings and becomes bat driven — sitting at a computer, the leader of the free world can be found tweeting, obsessing and tweaking — a graphic picture of madness into the dark hours of the night. The United States and its people have become more like a dreamy novel in the Twilight Vampire series than a serious nation. A plethora of gorging and cutting/the American way of life … Trump uses his pen like a vampire, uses his teeth, slicing and cutting us down to the bare bones … as he becomes hatter with insanity …
Donald, you think those parking spaces at the West Wing offices are yours, but they belong to the American people.
Where is the man of the hours leading us? Man of the hour, as each hour he may change his story from the hour before.
•  Cut – Meals on Wheels. This helps the older folks lose weight.
•  Cut – Funding for Planned Parenthood. No birth control, no help for low-income mothers, more pregnancies, no freedom of choice, more births, don’t worry about over population because no funding for prenatal care will be balanced out with a high infant mortality rate.
•  Cut – Legal Aid. No funds for those who can’t afford legal counsel … confusion and crammed courtrooms … Big money to be made for private prisons … full occupancy.
•  Cut – Taxes — for Trump at least. He is what he says — Smart — smarter than most of us. Trump’s record of denial, evasion, no values and tricky loopholes allows him to pay zero. What would be his ideal tax plan? Seems like people who earn less than $25,000 per year pay 70 percent of their income, people who earn less than a billion pay 40 percent. Smart people who earn over a billion pay zero and we just have to take their word for it. No audit for billionaires! No disclosures! There is an old saying that “a fish rots from the head down.” If there is something rotten in Washington today — and who can doubt that there is? — I tell you that it is in that combed-over hair.
•  Cut – No restrictions on what a company can dump into the American rivers and steams — The Trump Toxic cut. Good for the bottled water companies and fish farms. I bet Trump plans to bring back the defunct Trump Wine line … no one will be able to drink the water. Maybe as a sideline to his golf course play land, he could add farm fisheries — always gotta make that buck.
•  Cut – Global Warming funds. Let’s worry about today. Live in the moment. Anyway we all know global warming is a crock.
•  Cut – Clean Energy. Trump “Coal.” Black, ashy, dirty. He has a secret the scientists do not know of. Clean-clean burning coal! Just in case he’s wrong, invest your money in those dust -breathing masks!
•  Cut – Money for the Arts and Humanities. He has made it clear that he does not read. Who would have guessed? I wonder who Trump’s first-grade teacher was. Or, maybe Donald is illiterate? Nothing to be ashamed of, but doing nothing about it would be.
•  Cut – Cut out, banish and don’t spend money on newspapers. In particular the Washington Post or Mother Jones. These criminal journalists cannot be trusted with the truth. Read his tweets if you want to get to the source. His info has been fact-checked in chat rooms.
•  Cut – After-school programs. Children of America are beside themselves with joy! At the ding-dong of the school bell the streets will be swamped with “unlatched key kids” runnin’ amok like that troublesome Cat in the Hat, but in a much more violent and frenzied state.
•  No cuts – Unlimited funds from all the cuts to build up weapons and build up walls. Trump believes America will be safe when America is walled in and bullied up with bombs.
I will miss the “Old United States of America,” the one where Americans could look outward at the vast planet and its possibilities. I do not feel safe. The world out there looking inward to America is no longer looking at beauty and opportunity.
That wall better be able to reach into the stratosphere — what you send out comes back to you. Ramping up these bombing raids (with no authority from Congress, by the way) will at some point push the crazy dictators of North Korea, Syria and Russia to ramp up their attitudes and glide a few of their own warheads right over the ridiculous wall. Keep an eye on the sky.
President No. 45 should get some sleep at night, stop the insulting and bullying. A big boy haircut wouldn’t hurt either. Otherwise he might be known as President No. 5.
Who will save us? Like Cher, a man who needs only one name… Bernie Sanders? I like Bumpin’ Bernie. He is not going away. Every time Trump turns around, he’s going to be bumpin’ into Bernie. Bernie is going to be right on his tail, calling Trump on every move he makes.
Mary Jo Dupoise

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