Beau Ties names Smith and Day Tall as co-presidents

MIDDLEBURY — Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont has named Elizabeth Smith and Cy Day Tall as the company’s new co-president / CEO. The pair will assume leadership over all corporate functions including merchandising, operations, production, marketing, technology, finance and sales.
David Mutter, co-owner and chairman, when making the announcement said, “This is long overdue recognition of the leadership roles Liz and Cy have brought to Beau Ties over the last decade, and reconfirms our commitment to the Middlebury, Vt., community.
“As Beau Ties has grown,” said Mutter, “our management routine has naturally evolved. Cy, Liz and I would caucus daily on everything from fabric selection to long-term strategy, and it became increasingly apparent to me that beyond working extraordinarily well together, Liz and Cy really drive excellence across the company.
“Liz Smith joined Beau Ties 17 years ago and has served in a series of leadership roles from customer service to sales. Her greatest impact, though, is her unique ability to serve as the ‘voice of the customer,’” said Mutter. “No one knows men’s accessories better than she does. She is recognized throughout the industry for her ability to spot trends, translate them into innovative designs and curate collections that resonate with our customers — from individual buyers to, quite literally, the White House. Our customers return to us year after year because of the skills and service levels Liz has instilled at Beau Ties. It is reassuring to know that she will guide our team for years to come.
“Prior to today’s announcement,” said Mutter, “Cy Tall served as Beau Ties’ chief marketing officer, and was responsible for all marketing and promotional elements of the business. However, her analytical mind has proven to be as sharp as her creative flair, and her responsibilities have expanded to include operations, finance and human resources. Cy is the ultimate creative problem solver. Whether it’s a marketing campaign or a strategic decision, she’s able to disaggregate an issue and formulate a truly original approach. I know of no other executive who can freely jump from writing catalog copy to producing financial statements as quickly and as adeptly as Cy. I’m thrilled to know she’ll be leading our team going forward.”

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