Century-old Greenwood Cemetery sign restored

BRISTOL — The sign that was installed over the middle gate of the Greenwood Cemetery in Bristol in 1904 stood proudly for many years.
But the elements took their toll on the metal gateway, which stood just north of Route 116 near the base of Stone Hill, less than a mile west of the village. And the sign, which had been damaged at least three times since it was installed, was removed after being badly damaged the last time about 25 years ago.
Thanks to some local people the sign was restored to its former beauty and now stands on the lawn in the southwest corner of the cemetery.
The broken pieces of the sign had been stored behind Brown’s Welding until this past August when Kevin Corkins, a member of the Greenwood Cemetery Association, volunteered to take a look at restoring it.
Over the span of about eight weeks Corkins worked straightening, rewelding and fabricating missing letters to restore the sign to its original shape and condition. He then used two corner posts from the original fence that was removed this summer to make posts to mount the sign.
With the aid of volunteers and Bristol Electronics equipment, Corkins poured footings to mount the sign on. On Oct. 20, the restored sign was returned.
Also with thanks to very generous and interested people a new fence has been installed along the south side of the cemetery.
Editor’s note: This story and photos were provided by Reg Dearborn.

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