Opinion: Green Mountain Club deserves some Long Trail credit

The Oct. 26 issue arrived here in Kinderhook, N.Y., today and I was quickly drawn to Christy Lynn’s Senior Lifestyles article about Ken Perine’s transit of the Long Trail.
I’ll confess to a bit of envy but I need to express my disappointment that I found no reference in the article or accompanying photos to the Green Mountain Club. It might have been of interest to the reader to describe the overall condition of the trail and give credit to the GMC for building, securing transit privileges over private land and even building the footbridge over the Winooski River and, particularly, perpetual trail maintenance that enabled Ken to enjoy his hike in the woods.
I would encourage Ken to look up the Bread Loaf Section of the Green Mountain Club located in Middlebury to learn what it takes to build and maintain a 273-mile (it used to be 269 miles?) trail in Vermont. He’ll meet some great Vermonters and learn about what else they do.
Bob Albern
Kinderhook, N.Y.

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