Youth Hunting Weekend deer kill numbers down slightly

ADDISON COUNTY — Younger hunters in the area did not have quite as much success on the Nov. 9-10 Youth Hunting Weekend as they had in the past two Novembers, but the 109 deer they had weighed at seven reporting stations in Addison County was very respectable compared to results over the past five years.
The 109 deer this Youth Hunting Weekend is down slightly from the 124 tagged over the same weekend in 2012, and one less than the number in 2011. In both 2009 and 2010 the final tally stood at 95,
There were some decent-sized deer weighed in the county over Youth Hunting Weekend, but far and away the largest by almost 20 pounds was Austin Brown’s 193-pound eight-pointer, which he bagged in Weybridge and reported at the Lincoln General Store. In fact, Brown’s prize buck was heavier than any of the 200 deer claimed this past weekend during the first few days of the open rifle hunting season.
The appropriately named Hunter Gale shot a 174-pound buck with three points on Youth Hunting Weekend.
The following youths were successful and had their deer weighed at Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol; Buxton’s Store in Orwell; the Village Green Market in New Haven; Middlebury’s Vermont Field Sports; the Jerusalem Country Store in Starksboro; or the Lincoln or West Addison general stores. C&S Hunting Supplies had no deer reports from Youth Hunting Weekend, and the Panton General Store has closed for the winter.
They are listed by name, town of kill, weight and gender of deer, and by pounds and points if they are antlered bucks.
Ken Marcelle Jr., New Haven, 124 doe; Dillon Hill Quintin, Shoreham, 88 doe; Lane Fox, New Haven, 132-spike; Abigail Perlee, New Haven, 108 doe; Damon Tower, Cornwall, 131 doe; Patrick Irish, New Haven, 131 doe; Josh Roscoe, Starksboro, 145 doe; and Parker Hines, New Haven, 74 doe.
Keena Pratt, Orwell, 114-spike; Charles Barber, Orwell, 155-5; Lily Russell, Orwell, 120-4; Garrett Dunn, Orwell, 55 doe; Rebekah Parent, Orwell, 118-spike; Kirkland Crawley, Fair Haven, 111-5; Carter Leggett, Bridport, 100 doe; Colton Leno, Orwell, 116 doe; Devin Russell, Orwell, 122-3; Ethan Dragon, Shoreham, 110-spike; Jonathan Avensmayer, Shoreham, 57 doe; Bradley Disorda, Orwell, 70 doe; Michael Dame, Shoreham, 141 doe; Blake Diefendorf, Orwell, 74 doe; Alexis Matot, Shoreham, 167-8; Emily Huntley, Orwell, 117-spike; Caden Catman, Orwell, 133-4; Dillon Lee, Orwell, 143-spike; Ian O’Brien, Orwell, 134-3; Julia Baslow, Shoreham, 128 doe; Kaitlyn Pellerin, Whiting, 120-spike; Noah Bonvouloir, Orwell, 85 doe; Morgan Bertrand, Orwell, 111 doe; and Kaitland Breen, Orwell, 120-3.
Christien Paquin, New Haven, 141-2; Kareena Vorsteveld, Panton, 167-4; Jacob Garrison, Ferrisburgh, 119-2; Zoey Parker, Addison, 115-2; Maverick Payne, Shoreham, 115 doe; Ira White, Ferrisburgh, 120 doe; Ethan Bissonette, Whiting, 125 doe; and Jake Russell, Addison, 122-3.
Sawyer Heath, Salisbury, 125 doe; Caleb Whitney, Brandon, 2-pointer (no weight); Britney Aldrich, North Ferrisburgh, 138-3; Dustin Davio, Middlebury, 120 doe; William Hesslink, Middlebury, 133-5; Devon Kimball, Middlebury, 100-male; Alaisha Lucia, New Haven, 143-2; Riley Brown, Salisbury, 121 doe; Gregory Whitney, Cornwall, 158-2; Andrew Gosselin, New Haven, 137-2; Owen Comes, Middlebury, 101 doe; Hunter Gale, Cornwall, 174-3; Jacob Choiniere, New Haven, 103 doe; Hunter Warner, Middlebury, 85-male; Anissa Martin, Charlotte, 141 doe; Austin Lathrop-Johnson, Ripton, 76 doe; Tate Rheaume, Cornwall, 139-4; Zachariah Mlcuch, New Haven, 140-2; Gilbert Pacey, Addison, 124-4; Benjamin Curtis, Ira, 121 doe; William Whitney, Salisbury, 108 doe; Jared Forand, Shoreham, 147 doe; Alyssa Luccia, Monkton, 124-3; David Stevens, Cornwall, 134-buck; Ryan Quenneville, Salisbury, 139-spike; and Britney Ramsey, New Haven, 168-6.
Brenton Brown, Hinesburg, 124-3; Andrew Cousino, Lincoln, 100 buck; Ross Norton, Lincoln, 109 doe; Austin Brown, Weybridge, 193-8; Tristan Roscoe, Lincoln, 71 female; and Marc Swenor, Bristol, 73 male.
Brook Perlee, New Haven, 127; Kyle Bartlett, New Haven, 80-male; Tyler Cousino, New Haven, 71-male; Mason Daniel Wood, Bristol, 142-3; Peter Gebo, New Haven, 104 doe; Kayla Brennan, New Haven, 142-3; Nicole Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 122 doe; Schuyler Coyle, Ferrisburgh, 127-male; Dustin Tierney, Monkton, 110-male; Beau Gevry, Shoreham, 128 doe; Kyra Bradford, Ferrisburgh, 122 doe; Shyanne Cram, Middlebury, 70 doe; Bradley Hill, Bristol, 107-male; Ryan Rougier, Monkton, 164-8; Jack Eisenhower, Ferrisburgh, 132-male; Aidan Gardner, Grand Isle, 124 doe; Justin Jackson, Ripton, 60-female; Cobi Badger, Ferrisburgh, 130-spike; Jamee Barnum, Monkton, 162-6; Tallon Reed, Bristol, 113 doe; Charlotte Layn, Monkton, 149-4; Hunter Morin, New Haven, 115 doe; Courtney Morin, New Haven, 63 doe; Shannon Cole, Ferrisburgh, 158-4; and Zachary Lavole, Ferrisburgh, 71-male.
Elizabeth Porter, Starksboro, 65-female; Tyler St. Hilaire, Hinesburg, 129-2; Owen Bromley, Hinesburg, 117-4; Emma Fay, Bristol, 137-4; Kyle Rivers, Hinesburg, 128 doe; Adam Whitcomb, Starksboro, 108-3; Matt Melendy, Lincoln, 60 doe; Lauren Gibson, Starksboro, 104-4; Will Martin, Starksboro, 126-4; Nolan Whitcumb, Starksboro, 88-male; Gus Hill, Bristol, 153-5; and Robert Lowell, Starksboro, 97 doe.

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