Middlebury Police Log: MUMS students cited for pre-class drug use

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police cited a juvenile for possession of marijuana at Middlebury Union Middle School on March 23. Police said a group of three students had allegedly smoked pot, consumed beer and smoked cigarettes prior to coming into school that day.
In other action last week, Middlebury police:
•  Took a drunken person with “medical issues” to Porter Hospital for evaluation on March 19.
•  Received a report on March 19 that someone had been trespassing on the Elderly Services Inc. property off Exchange Street siphoning gas from vans and leaving trash.
•  Spoke with a local woman on March 19 who said her Social Security number had been fraudulently used.
•  Investigated a noise complaint in the Foster Circle area on March 20.
•  Received a report that someone stole a trailer from G. Stone Commercial Division off Foote Street on March 20.
•  Were informed that someone had allegedly broken into an Airport Road home and stolen medicine on March 20.
•  Assisted a local man who on March 20 alleged some “young males” had harassed him during a trip last September on the Addison County Transit Resources bus.
•  Assisted a local woman on March 20 who complained of receiving harassing phone calls.
•  Received a report about an Airport Road man allegedly violating the town’s burn ordinance on March 20.
•  Responded to complaints about a barking dog in the South Main Street neighborhood on March 20.
•  Cited Scott Racine, 37, of Middlebury for a criminal count of driving with a suspended license, following an investigation of a two-car crash, without injuries, on Court Street on March 21.
•  Cited a juvenile Middlebury Union High School student for possession of marijuana on March 21.
•  Were informed that a hypodermic needle had been found in a restroom at the Middlebury Village Depot on Court Street on March 21.
•  Received a complaint of someone driving a motorbike in Otter View Park on March 21, causing ruts in the mud and “a general nuisance.” Police found the culprit and warned him not to ride on the streets or in the park.
•  Investigated a reported fight in front of McDonald’s Restaurant on Route 7 South on March 21. Witnesses told police some of the combatants were throwing “metal stuff” while another was allegedly wielding a bat. Police continue to investigate the incident.
•  Quieted a loud party on Weybridge Street on March 22.
•  Were informed that someone had smashed a window out of a car parked at Porter Medical Center on March 22.
•  Investigated a report of someone allegedly trying to sell a stolen gun to a local store on March 22.
•  Cited a local juvenile for domestic violence following an incident at a North Forty Lane residence on March 22.
•  Responded to a noise complaint in the South Village Green neighborhood on March 22.
•  Responded to a noise complaint at a Jayne Court residence on March 22.
•  Investigated a family dispute at a Jayne Court residence on March 23.
•  Assisted a local woman who had been receiving harassing phone calls on March 23.
•  Helped a local woman who had been receiving harassing text messages on March 23.
•  Received a wallet found on MUHS grounds on March 23. Police contacted the wallet’s owner.
•  Responded, with firefighters, to a blaze off Case Street that had been ignited by a blown electrical transformer on March 24.
•  Helped reconnect a disoriented man with his wife on March 24. Police said the elderly man had been walking along Abbey Pond Trail wearing slippers and carrying a toothbrush.
•  Broke up a family fight in the Mead Lane area on March 25. Police said the couple alleged the dispute had been verbal “except for both had pulled a large amount of hair from each other’s head.” Police measured the man’s blood-alcohol content at 0.302 percent and the woman’s at 0.206 percent. As a point of reference, the legal limit for driving is 0.08 percent. Police said they took the man and woman to separate sober friends’ homes in the Case Street area.

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