New Haven hires go-between for DRB, zoning administrator

NEW HAVEN — The town of New Haven has hired an assistant zoning administrator to act as a liaison between the regional zoning administrator and the New Haven Development Review Board (DRB).
Jill Devoe, who worked for four years as an auditor before resigning to work two days a week as an assistant town clerk, was hired by the New Haven selectboard in July to perform clerical duties for the DRB and also act as a go-between for both the DRB and Zoning Administrator Cris Messerle.
“We hired her basically so that there would be someone there at all times,” DRB Chairman Tim Bouton said. “The regional zoning administrator is a very part-time position. We just wanted someone who would be around if anything came up, and she was already there.”
Bouton said that Devoe is being delegated directly to the DRB, though technically, as Devoe pointed out, she works for the zoning administrator.
“Pretty much I’m, number one, clerk for the DRB,” said Devoe, who explained that much of her duties involve dealing with DRB paperwork, though she does do some investigative work related to zoning issues.
“We’re just trying to get her up to speed right now,” Bouton said. “We’re having her attend meetings to get a feel for what the DRB does, and what we need.”
The number of hours that she will be in the office per week in her new role is still being determined, Devoe said. Along with her new position, she will continue to serve in her capacity as an assistant town clerk.
“What’s really nice, is that I’ve been in the office already, as an auditor and then as town clerk,” Devoe said. “So, I do know how the office operates, and I already have a lot under my belt in that respect.”
Reporter Tamara Hilmes is at [email protected].

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