Letter to the editor: Another incident shows white people’s privilege

The We of Rayshard Brooks   Isn’t it a privilege to fall asleep in the front seat of your car,   pass out, some nights, from a night of drinking? And not worry.   Not worry you could wake-up dead. Having been found, and not asked just   to move along. Shake off the night. To drive through the drive-through, sober   or drunk from drinking in the stars, through the moonroof. An accessory   you could afford without worrying too much about being   overcharged. Becoming lost in space. Between the black   and whi … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Whites, really think about your privilege

To us white privileged, and we are, every single white person in America, no matter our circumstances: Take a few minutes to really think about this. Really think.  What if you are preparing to walk out your front door to run an errand, go to a doctor’s a … (read more)

Letter to the editor: White privilege is about inherent advantages

White privilege. Do I have it? My parents and grandparents were academics, so they made a decent living and didn’t even suffer losses during the Great Depression. They studied and worked hard to get where they did, and they saved and invested wisely so th … (read more)