Legislative Report: Senate works on ed, library, tuition bills

We ended our work early at the Statehouse on Feb. 7 due to the huge snowstorm, but otherwise we’re just about one month into the 2020 Legislative Session and it’s been nonstop action! We’ve already sent several important bills to Gov. Scott for signature. Unfortunately, he vetoed a bill that would have provided universal paid family leave to enable Vermonters to take paid time off from work to care for a new baby or ailing family member. Although there was broad support in the legislature for this program, … (read more)

Guest editorial: Small price for big value — free tuition at CCV

Sen. Ruth Hardy, D-Addison, has introduced a bill to create a Community College Scholarship Program that would provide tuition-free scholarships for Vermont residents attending CCV. It would, from the outset, require a $6 million appropriation. It’s a sma … (read more)

Farm Show board to offer ag students tuition help

ESSEX JUNCTION — The Farm Show Board recently voted to sponsor a FARM (2+2) student through a four-year program that includes two years at Vermont Technical College and two years at the University of Vermont (with one semester at Miner Institute). The Far … (read more)

VSAC workshops offer tips on managing tuition

ADDISON COUNTY —Vermont Student Assistance Corp. (VSAC) will offer free workshops at over 50 local high schools from October through November to help families learn how to manage college costs and to fill out financial aid forms. In Addison County and Bra … (read more)