Ferrisburgh board backs fine for cutting tree

FERRISBURGH — The Ferrisburgh selectboard on Tuesday voted unanimously to support town tree warden Clifton Mix’s recommendation to fine farmer Bernie Dam $500 for cutting down a tree in the town’s Button Bay Road right of way. The board will send notice of the fine in a certified letter. The board also agreed to include information along with the next round of property tax bills explaining the road right-of-way laws, specifically that tree-cutting within the town’s right of way requires a permit, as does ut … (read more)

Court date looms for tree-cutting farmers

FERRISBURGH — The three-year-old dispute between the town of Ferrisburgh and Vorsteveld Farm LLC sparked by the farm’s extensive tree-cutting along Arnold Bay Road could finally be moving toward an Environmental Court trial. The trial timetable remains un … (read more)

New tree-cutting problem before Ferrisburgh board

FERRISBURGH — While the Vorsteveld Farm LLC tree-cutting case in a Ferrisburgh road right-of-way that dates back three years and theoretically could involve a $1 million fine awaits an Environment Court date, another smaller similar case has cropped up th … (read more)