Ways of Seeing: Amid world chaos, a small victory

Sitting at Quaker Meeting one recent Sunday morning, I heard messages about the horror in Israel and Gaza and how we as peacemakers might help. I could not focus on this big topic, though. I was thinking about wood.

Ways of Seeing: Many pitched in to help burn survivor

In July, I traveled to Mongolia again, hoping to interview the various protagonists in my documentaries.

Ways of Seeing: Trip puts priorities in perspective

It begins with a nail. I’m trying to stay calm and focused and mindful. I know I leave for Mongolia in two weeks, and I haven’t been there in four years.

Ways of Seeing: A friend reveals another ‘Why’

When acting on an impulse, I usually do not know why I am doing it. My guidance tells me what I need to do but not how or why.

The trip of a lifetime: Sas Carey takes the long road

Since the first time Sas Carey stepped foot on Mongolian soil in the summer of 1994, she felt a “leading” — a calling to “support and document the traditional Mongolian nomadic lifestyle.”

Ways of Seeing: Exploring the barn led to a surprise

A driving force in my life has been exploring. “Marrying Mongolia,” my new book, follows that theme from childhood.

A book of a lifetime: Sas Carey shares her memoir

“Everything that happened in my life led me to Mongolia. Or maybe it just seems that way as I look back on it,” said Sas Carey, Middlebury author of the new book “Marrying Mongolia, A Memoir.”

Ways of Seeing: It pays to listen to one’s inner self

When you follow your inner guidance or calling, amazing things can happen. For instance, I went to Mongolia, a place I never dreamed of going.

Ways of Seeing: Passing along psychic vibes

Religions are split in their opinions about psychics.

Ways of Seeing: One word with many meanings

My adventure for the past two-and-a-half years has been to write a memoir. I have enjoyed taking myself back into my life stories and experiences and sharing them.

Ways of Seeing: Bureaucratic hurdles a world away

If you are like I am, you don’t pay attention to how to get somewhere if someone else is driving. You and I can focus on the scenery or read a book. When I am in Mongolia and hire an interpreter, I let her lead me to wherever we need to go to accomplish a … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Is simplicity the better path?

Why is it so hard for us to be satisfied with what we have?

Ways of seeing: Gentle heat provides pleasing winter thaw

During the beginning of the month, when it wasn’t below zero, I lost heat. Sitting at my computer, not moving around the house or yard, my hands were icy.

Ways of seeing: More than a film — a relationship

I met Khongoroo (pronounced Hungara), the protagonist, 15 years ago when she rode her reindeer into a Dukha reindeer herding settlement I was visiting.

Ways of seeing: Social networking skills erode

My mother called being a part of a conversation “getting a word in edgewise.” I never had trouble doing that, maybe because I was the oldest of five kids. Never, that is, until after COVID-19. I spent more than a year living alone, not seeing or interacti … (read more)