Ways of Seeing: It pays to listen to one’s inner self

When you follow your inner guidance or calling, amazing things can happen. For instance, I went to Mongolia, a place I never dreamed of going.

Ways of Seeing: Passing along psychic vibes

Religions are split in their opinions about psychics.

Ways of Seeing: One word with many meanings

My adventure for the past two-and-a-half years has been to write a memoir. I have enjoyed taking myself back into my life stories and experiences and sharing them.

Ways of Seeing: Bureaucratic hurdles a world away

If you are like I am, you don’t pay attention to how to get somewhere if someone else is driving. You and I can focus on the scenery or read a book. When I am in Mongolia and hire an interpreter, I let her lead me to wherever we need to go to accomplish a … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Is simplicity the better path?

Why is it so hard for us to be satisfied with what we have?

Ways of seeing: Gentle heat provides pleasing winter thaw

During the beginning of the month, when it wasn’t below zero, I lost heat. Sitting at my computer, not moving around the house or yard, my hands were icy.

Ways of seeing: More than a film — a relationship

I met Khongoroo (pronounced Hungara), the protagonist, 15 years ago when she rode her reindeer into a Dukha reindeer herding settlement I was visiting.

Ways of seeing: Social networking skills erode

My mother called being a part of a conversation “getting a word in edgewise.” I never had trouble doing that, maybe because I was the oldest of five kids. Never, that is, until after COVID-19. I spent more than a year living alone, not seeing or interacti … (read more)

Ways of seeing: Seeing (BLM) signs of progress

In 1969 I adopted a biracial daughter. Though she has not searched for her heritage, she has always believed herself to be half African American. Jasmine was born in Vermont and grew up in Addison County, graduated from Middlebury Union High School and th … (read more)

Ways of seeing: Eight words help restore calm

This is the best moment of my life. When I see this sentence on a young woman’s T-shirt as she walks with friends in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital, I think, you know, that’s right. As I think about it more and more, I realize that I don’t recognize life … (read more)

Ways of seeing: Small strokes led to bigger splash

The strangest things happen while traveling backward into my life. I am writing a memoir. The first draft, now finished, includes vignettes, little stories I found myself sharing. Then as I dive deeper into the stories, I find more. For instance, one day … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Making tomato soup in late summer

When I mention that I saw a little farm stand with summer squash on the way to a socially-distanced visit with a friend in Lincoln, she tells me to stop at the farm stand next to the river on the way home through Bristol. I don’t remember any farm stand t … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Essential exercise during isolation

Due to COVID-19, the border to Mongolia is closed, so I can’t go there. Film festivals are not in person. I stay home. A friend gets my groceries for two and a half months. In early May when I have my annual exam by telemedicine, I tell my doctor I’m gain … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Thinking of mom and knitting hats

2011: The summer when my mother goes into hospice, I decide not to go to Mongolia and to spend as much time as possible with her. My plan is to visit with Mom in Connecticut for three days every week, where she is in a nursing home with dementia. The firs … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Mongolia offers a meat adventure

Mongolia is a herding land with nomads and their 44 million goats, cattle, camels, horses and sheep. The favorite food is mutton from sheep. Mutton with noodles. Mutton dumplings. Mutton covered in deep fried dough. Boiled mutton. I am familiar with these … (read more)