Rejuvenating the Peace Corps: A View from the Field

The Peace Corps was a great idea 60 years ago, but it could be more effective if policies were updated for the way people live today.

Hector Vila: Rwanda proves exception in Africa

The Women Deliver Conference has a powerful history, though in many places in the world, not least of which is the U.S., women’s rights are being challenged. 

Hector Vila: The Genocide against the Tutsi, a brief history

Fifth in a series I took a walk away from Kagugu, best known for its large, gated houses, a pleasant area in the quiet of early morning, and headed towards the other extreme — mud houses, dank alleys, women along the red dirt street selling small green pe … (read more)

Hector Vila: Reading Edward Said in Rwanda

I’ve never sidestepped the realities of students’ lives, no teacher can, and shouldn’t — I could, however, work alongside students to locate their lived experiences in an academic setting, exposing them to the language of exile, and thus initiate an explo … (read more)

Hector Vila: Mzungu on Kigali streets

My favorite times to wander the streets of Kigali, Rwanda are during the fleeting early morning serenity when the air is light and the sun is yet not fully upon us, less buses and trucks spew diesel clouds, and Rwandans are heading for work at a lively pa … (read more)

Hector Vila: In exile: The essential sadness of home?

Samimah tells us that “I have finally developed the ability to embrace whatever changes life throws my way. I have learned not to tie my happiness to one thing, person, or place. I do not tie the sense of home to one physical location, one thing or one pe … (read more)

Hector Vila: Witnessing a journey into exile

As I write this, I’m on my way to Kigali, Rwanda, where I will be among young, exiled Afghans attending the SOLA School (School of Leadership, Afghanistan) for seven weeks, teaching two three-week courses in Writing, first for seniors and then for ninth t … (read more)