Letter to the editor: Congress must protect public lands, water, climate

The House FY24 Interior Appropriations bill will harm our sacred Earth and our beloved communities.

Letter to the editor: Socially responsible investments have paid off

Recently I read a statement by a person who argued that divestment, while morally defensible, was a naive choice for older investors who depended on their investments for living expenses.

Letter to the editor: Renew federal law to help feed world’s hungry

In Vermont, one in 11 people face hunger. The situation is even worse for children, with one in eight Vermont children facing hunger.

Letter to the editor: Gun law protests could include school boycotting

Last week on CNN the parents of one of the children gunned down at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas were interviewed about the impact of their loss.

Letter to the editor: Bottle bill overdue for update

Pass H.175, the Bottle Bill, and bring Vermont into the 21st century.

Letter to the editor: Vermont falls short in true renewable energy efforts

I am a Bristol Energy Committee member and here are my thoughts on Vermont’s energy policy.

Letter to the editor: Afghan families need our help

Over the Fourth of July weekend I had the opportunity to meet two college students from Afghanistan at a neighborhood gathering. Both were articulate, personable young people, both with bright futures and dark clouds over their horizons. They are out of t … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Solar deserves direct support

I’m involved in the Bristol Community Solar project, trying to enroll faith communities. Participation in BCS lets owners offset electric energy costs on their utility bills with net-metering credits. However, I am finding that faith communities are havin … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Can the nation learn from mistakes made in this crisis?

The virus sweeping the country is tragic, but I think it raises some important questions: Do we need to heighten vigilance and planning for events such as these? Investing in coordinated planning at all levels of government might have prepared us for this … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Governor’s vetoes discourage younger families

Not quite 20 years ago my daughter, a newly minted teacher, accepted a teaching job in Vermont, and she and her boyfriend, a retail manager, also newly minted, looked for housing. Low pay and high housing and utility costs made the task hard, but they fou … (read more)