Guest editorial: Vergennes anti-trans talk included blatant falsehoods

A 2018 study by Lane et al. of gender-affirming procedures performed on insured patients between 2009 and 2015 found only a 5.8% rate of complications across all gender-affirming surgeries.

Letter to the editor: ‘Truth with love’ means love all

I read with interest and disappointment the June 29 “Community Forum” submission by Renee McGuinness of the Vermont Family Alliance.

Letter to the editor: Story on LGBTQ+ issue needed more balance

The article about Tara Jentink and her views on parents’ rights was disturbing.

Jentink shares her views on parents’ rights

The woman who led the effort to bring an anti-trans activist to speak at Vergennes Union High School last week says she’ll continue to be active in parental rights even though she now has left the state and soon will move overseas.

Community Forum: Heyer presented truth with love

Walt Heyer, de-transitioner and international speaker on the risks and complications of so-called “gender-affirming care,” presented truth with love at Vergennes Union High School last week that pierced through rhetoric from individuals, organizations and … (read more)