Champlain Orchards reopens to the public

SHOREHAM — After closing down more than a week ago to manage an outbreak of COVID-19 among its staff, Champlain Orchards is open again for pick-your-own apples. “It’s been quite a week here at Champlain Orchards, but we’ve all persevered thanks to the love and support we’ve received from you,” wrote orchard officials in an email to their customers Saturday morning. “Our staff has completed our third round of testing and we are relieved to report that no additional positive tests have occurred.”The Shoreham … (read more)

UPDATED: Orchard closes after 27 workers get COVID-19

This story, originally published on Monday, October 5, was updated on Wednesday, October 7. The total count of cases among seasonal apple pickers is now up to 28, according to an email from the orchard. SHOREHAM — Champlain Orchards closed temporarily, af … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Virus outbreak of 1924 overtook California in unprecedented ways

In 1924 a virus outbreak overtook the state of California in unprecedented ways. The virus, known in Latin as aphtae epizooticae is a hardy virus that can spread rapidly. Virus particles can survive for two weeks on wool and for three months on leather, r … (read more)