Ask a master gardener: Shade elegance with Solomon’s Seal

If you want to add a touch of architectural interest to your shade garden, look no further than the graceful silhouette of Solomon’s seal. 

Ask a Master Gardner: Digging into the No-Dig method

Trends come and go, but in gardening, one that seems here to stay is the no-dig, also called the no-till method. How does the no-dig trend supplant thousands of years of tilling history?

What you need to know about soil health in raised beds

Did you know that the composition of the soil in raised beds is vital to their success?

Ask a Master Gardener: What seeds to plant this fall

Before taking a rest from gardening for the season, have you thought of direct sowing seeds to grow a minimal-care garden next spring?

VanZandt connects to the land through painting

Thinking back to an art class she took as a 4- or maybe 5-year-old, Nadie VanZandt remembers painting a big leaf; finely outlining the veins with the most delicate strokes.

Keep bears safe and out of your compost pile

Making your own compost is an eco-friendly and rewarding way to manage your food waste. But what can you do if your compost bin is being raided by wildlife?

Ask a master gardener: Why you should embrace moss

Do you spend a lot of effort to get rid of the moss you find in your lawn? Knowing the benefits of moss may convince you otherwise.

Ask a master gardener: Hellebores, herald of spring

For a stunning display of blooms in early spring, most New England gardens would benefit from the addition of a remarkable perennial — the hellebore.

Ask a Master Gardener: The history of greenhouses

As early as 30 A.D., reports of greenhouses appeared in the writings of the famous Pliny the Elder, Roman savant and scientific authority of his time.

Ask a master gardener: What’s the romance with mistletoe?

Hung in doorways to spread holiday cheer, mistletoe is rich in mythology and tradition.

Learning to identify poison ivy is the best defense

In summer, while vegetables and flowers thrive in the garden, so does poison ivy in backyards, woods, disturbed areas and anywhere else it can get a toehold. Challenging to recognize due to its changing shape in different environments, careful observation … (read more)

Rid your property of invasive honeysuckles

Do you know that it is illegal to transport, buy or plant shrub honeysuckles in Vermont? This is because honeysuckles are labeled “Class B noxious” on Vermont’s Noxious Weed Quarantine list.The invasive species include the Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maack … (read more)

How to host a healthy plant sale

Community-organized sales of donated perennial plants are popular and profitable fundraisers for many garden clubs and organizations. Regrettably, they can become “super-spreader” events if care is not used to avoid spreading diseases, pests or invasive s … (read more)

Ask a master gardener: Choosing grow lights

With the lengthening daylight and the many seed catalogs arriving in your mailbox, it’s hard to ignore the promise of spring. Are you planning to grow your own vegetable and flower transplants this year? You may find that shopping for grow lights for indo … (read more)

Ask a master gardener: Winterberry, a native of lasting beauty

Dominated by shades of gray, the landscape appears bleak in winter. Look closer and you may glimpse muted mauves in the distant mountains or the warm glow that envelopes the land at the golden hour. If that doesn’t satisfy your yearning for color, conside … (read more)