Ways of Seeing: Seeing the trees in the forest

An old saying about not seeing the forest through the trees implies someone isn’t seeing the big picture. Recently, I had a first-hand opportunity to experience this expression.

Ways of Seeing: Feeling the loss of affirmative action

Walking through town the last month, I saw a white woman in fully traditional Mexican dress, the kind my grandmother used to bring back to me from Mexico when I was little.

Ways of Seeing: Impacts of illness can be invisible

I am about to tell you a difficult story. Stay with me, please. There’s a reason I’m sharing it.

Ways of Seeing: The war on education, and truth

We are in the midst of a war on education. Not against all learning, but certainly against any lessons about racial injustice.

Ways of Seeing: Reflecting on Dr. King’s dream

Equality is not equity. Dr. King made this point repeatedly. He argued that while white Americans were acquiring free land in the American West, Black Americans, Asians, and Latinos were cultivating that land with zero or little compensation.

Ways of Seeing: November as a time for reflection

As we approach the holiday season, I ache to hear my grandmothers’ voices, to hug them, to spend time with them.

Ways of Seeing: Other precedents for civil rights

Since I wrote the piece about my grandmother, I’ve been stewing about the revocation of abortion rights and reading more on the ways in which we can argue that these rights are constitutional.

Ways of Seeing: Choice makes America great

In 1948, my grandmother married my grandfather. Soon after, they had their first child. He was the first of ten.

Ways of Seeing: Why we put women of color in power

There is a lot of pain in the world right now. People continue to fall victim daily to a global pandemic. War has broken out in Europe. In our own backyard, we continue to see Black, brown, and indigenous people killed by the police.

Ways of seeing: Vaccine failures challenge our values

When I moved to Vermont for college, I was 18 and had barely left Texas. My family drove me, and I was terrified when I realized how far Vermont was from home.

Ways of seeing: Immigration is a bipartisan issue

Recently, news and media coverage highlighted video footage and images of border agents near Del Rio, Texas, grossly abusing Haitian migrants crossing the Rio Grande into the United States.

Ways of Seeing: A More Nuanced Approach to Vaccines

When I sat down to write this column, I have to admit that I really struggled to decide what to write about. There’s so much going on in the world one doesn’t even know what to start with sometimes. As I thought more about it, though, and talked with frie … (read more)

Ways of seeing: Cinco de mayo is more than a party

Last week was cinco de mayo. For many Americans, it’s just another day. For others, it’s a day to celebrate something Mexican. Mexican culture? Mexican independence? Most Americans actually have no idea. For years, I made it a tradition to host a party ei … (read more)

Ways of seeing: Death from a distance

A couple of weeks ago, my Grandmother died. I had to say goodbye to her on the screen of my tiny phone. She could not hear or see me, so the person in the room had to explain to her that I was on a little machine looking at her and trying to talk to her. … (read more)

Ways of seeing: New border control stance needed

A reporter called me this week to ask me about the history of the border. He wanted to know if I thought that there was any chance that President Biden would tear down any part of the border fence, since it seems that in his first week in office, Biden mo … (read more)