Letter to the editor: AgeWell offers good guidance on Medicare options

The mail coming to me every day from for-profit private health insurance plans advertising an alternative to traditional Medicare, is overwhelming.

Letter to the editor: Medicare switch raises concerns

Remember that you are giving an insurance company control over your Medicare dollars and they are making a profit.

Letter to the editor: Time to weigh in on surging insurance premiums

Will you be able to afford double-digit rate increases of your health insurance in 2023? If not, please write to Governor Scott and your legislators!

Letter to the editor: Please protest Planned Parenthood closure decision

Planned Parenthood in Middlebury just learned it is being closed in four weeks! It is being closed by the Board of Planned Parenthood Northern New England (PPNNE). This has to be protested. Planned Parenthood of Middlebury provides affordable, accessible … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Bottle bill due for an update

The Bristol Democratic Committee supports current legislation to modernize our Bottle Bill (H.175). This bill would expand the types of beverage containers that can be accepted for redemption. It would include water bottles, wine bottles and containers fo … (read more)