Letter to the editor: Why some TAM sections are closed to the public

We are following public comments regarding closure of the Trail Around Middlebury, or TAM, and feel it’s helpful to offer perspective and information. First, we do receive a mixture of support, understanding, and some concerns. I hope this letter offers concrete information about the TAM, how it’s protected and managed, and makes MALT’s support of closing the Middlebury College sections of the TAM understood. There are two common forms of trail protection for groups like MALT, the Green Mountain Club, etc. … (read more)

Letter to the editor: MALT owes debt to Dave Hallam

Dave Hallam is like Miyagi from “Karate Kid.” Yes, he has been secretly teaching me karate in the MALT office. Okay no, but he has been teaching me, a lot.  Dave has been a steady and encouraging presence in the MALT office since 2006 and I have been fort … (read more)

Check out the TAM! Trails for all abilities

Editor’s note: The Trail Around Middlebury, or TAM, was created and in maintained to foster healthy people living in a healthy setting for native wildlife. The trails, stewarded by the Middlebury Area Land Trust (MALT), are a great local place for staying … (read more)