Climate Matters: As climate crisis rages, Green Mt. National Forest misses the boat

It is widely understood that cutting mature forests is bad for the climate. Last year the public responded with over 1,300 comments against logging and less than 100 in favor. This was a record.

Climate Matters: A carbon bomb in our Green Mountain National Forest?

I believe that the staff at the Green Mountain National Forest are good, well-meaning professionals who care deeply about our forest, but that they are locked into outdated science and policies in a 2006 Forest Plan that works directly against efforts to … (read more)

Climate Matters: Our young people’s future, our forests, our changing climate

I have examined the findings of the 2022 report from the International Panel on Climate Change and other authoritative research, and what I have found is downright terrifying for our young people’s future. 

Letter to the editor: Capitol storming more dangerous than 9/11

The Jan. 6 Capitol attack has been dubbed terrorism by Republicans and Democrats alike. Now the extent of the damage Trump has done to America is becoming clearer. Trump has radicalized his base in a dangerous way that will not be easily changed. After 9/ … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Many organizing to ensure an honest election

This letter is meant to scare you. We all should be scared. There are very credible authorities all across the country, of both political parties, who are deeply concerned that our democracy and the stability of our country are going to be tested in this … (read more)

Journalist with local ties is shot by federal agents

BRISTOL — On July 26 photojournalist Trip Jennings, whose father and stepmother, Howard Jennings and Sarah Stott, live in Bristol, was shot in the face by federal agents in Portland, Ore. The Trump administration had sent agents from the Department of Hom … (read more)