Letter to the editor: Still searching for a home

I’m out here sleeping in the cold. I do work but it takes so much to save and with rising prices on everything it’s extremely hard.

Living Together: Homelessness has many impacts

During my short time working at the Middlebury Office of the Vermont Department of Health, much of my exposure to homelessness has focused on what is most visible — what I see downtown, what I hear of disruptions, what urgent issues are discussed at meeti … (read more)

MUHS grad wins $212K business pitch award

When Salisbury’s Zachary Dunn graduated from Middlebury Union High School in 2019, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do — other than attend the University of Vermont.

Living Together: Don’t stereotype the homeless

Houseless or unhoused gives no respect for the experience or depth of pain of someone who lacks a stable, safe place to live. Homelessness was painful.

Living Together: Poverty causes trauma in children

In my decades of work with disadvantaged Vermonters, I have seen assistance programs come and go, and funding commitments rise and fall, dependent on the economy, political administrations, and government priorities.

‘Just Getting By’ makes a stop in Middlebury

On Saturday, March 30, come to Town Hall Theater in Middlebury to see Bess O’Brien’s new documentary “Just Getting By.” This film is a sweeping, and yet intimate look at the lives of Vermonters who are struggling with food and housing insecurity.

Living Together: Figure it out, whatever it takes

While there’s apt to be more than one right answer, I was taught that a crisis, fundamentally, is a critical situation in which the demands exceed the resources available to meet them. A crisis often feels like “we can’t get there from here.”

Letter to the editor: Nonprofits are better at keeping people housed

If you have spent any amount of time in the “affordable housing” rabbit hole, you are aware that research over the last 50 years has shown that nonprofit housing organizations are consistently better at keeping people housed than for-profit housing develo … (read more)

Living Together: More housing is key to our future

In the spirit of the Living Together series, we cannot live together unless there are homes for people to live in.

Living Together: It takes many to help those in need

Twenty years ago — March 26, 2004 — members of the Congregational Church of Middlebury cooked and served the first Friday Night Community Supper.

Living Together: It takes many to aid the unhoused

Each day in the news, tales of woe involving people who are unhoused can be found. The message is loud. Disguised in intellectual words and politically correct terms; people living in the unhoused category hear only one thing, “You are not wanted here!” 

Community Forum: Actionable steps for mental health

Our community faces a multifaceted crisis where these issues not only strain our resources but also impact the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable residents.

Living Together: Economics tough for unhoused

It’s a common misconception that unhoused people are not working. The truth is quite the opposite; 85% of the families served by John Graham Housing and Services have one or more working parents.

Letter to the editor: Mental health piece off base

As the Emergency Services Coordinator at Counseling Service of Addison County, I read Chris Mason’s article ‘New Mental Health Strategy Needed’ from last week’s paper with concern and an active desire to connect with him and others in the community about … (read more)

Living Together: New mental health strategy needed

There is a burgeoning housing crisis in Vermont, as evidenced in our state’s shockingly high rate of unhoused, and even more shocking increase in that rate — an estimated 218% between 2007 and 2023 according to HUD. The causes are complex, with contributi … (read more)