Victor Nuovo: Parmenides: A two-fold reality

Parmenides endeavored to achieve his goal by demonstrating through purely rational argument that the very idea of Nature is absurd.

Victor Nuovo: Heraclitus and the unity of opposites

Heraclitus was the first to make paradox a philosophical theme. 

Victor Nuovo: Xenophanes, the free thinker

Xenophanes was a wandering poet. The times of his birth and death are unknown, but he is said to have “flourished,” that is, been active, around the middle of the sixth century BCE.

Victor Nuovo: Pythagoras and his school

Imagine how hard it would be, if not impossible, to think coherently if we lacked the number 1, which is the very idea of Unity.

Victor Nuovo: ‘The mother of all knowledge’

Philosophy has been called “the mother of all knowledge.” However, since this was said by a philosopher (viz. Aristotle), there may be reason to doubt its truth.