VSAC to host workshops for students and parents

The Vermont Student Assistance Corp. (VSAC) is offering a free online college and career planning fair for Vermont high school students and their parents/guardians.

VSAC deadline set for Feb. 11

For students who are applying to college in 2022 or looking for financial help for ongoing college study or for continuing education, Friday, Feb. 11, is the last day to apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships.

Community forum: What the pandemic taught us about college affordability

What we do next is essential to the health of Vermont’s economy, the success of Vermont students, and the vitality of our brave little state.

CFES seeks Vermont & New York schools to address crisis among rural students

ADDISON COUNTY — Here’s a shocking truth about rural America: Children living in rural areas are the likeliest group to grow up in poverty, experience poor health outcomes, leave school before college, and fall victim to alcohol and drug abuse. That appli … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Sweden offers lesson in higher education funding

President Biden is absolutely correct in starting the process to reform the American higher education system. Simply forgiving loans and making higher education “free” is fraught with fundamental issues and will only lead to financial disaster unless tuit … (read more)

Opinion: Higher ed must adapt quickly

This week’s writer is Elaine C. Collins, President of Northern Vermont University The end of August marked the return of many of our students to campus. Beyond the masks, the intense new cleaning regimens and mandatory COVID-19 testing, the return of stud … (read more)

Guest editorial: A recent grad’s perspective on higher education today

Neither of my parents went to college. Yet, I can remember first considering higher education in second grade. I was only interested in careers with more than four syllables like paleontologist, anesthesiologist or archeologist. At that time, I was relati … (read more)