Letter to the editor: Middlebury College’s reopening plans present risks

The recently announced plans for reopening of Middlebury College this fall pose new risks for college employees, students and the larger community. I recognize the college faces a very difficult set of circumstances. But the current plans regarding testing and campus population density fall short of providing for adequate public health and safety. As a college alum and local resident, I greatly appreciate what the college adds to the community. Moreover, college President Laurie Patton and her team have mad … (read more)

Coronavirus doesn’t stop climate change

While the world remains under threat from the coronavirus and COVID-19, one tiny piece of silver lining has been the reduction in carbon emissions. According to a recent report by Shannon Osaka on the always-excellent Grist.org, the world may be looking a … (read more)

Greg Dennis: Coronavirus, Boomers and Millennials

“Trump said Monday that the novel coronavirus outbreak in the United States could last until July or August … one day after he said the virus was under control.” — Washington Post, March 16, 2020   Some impressions from the Early Coronavirus Era: COVID-19 … (read more)

Greg Dennis: What is it about men and dishes?

This dish needs to be washed again.   What do you mean? I just washed it.   Yeah, but look at that little black smudge on the back.   Sorry, I don’t see it.   Trust me, dear. It needs to be washed again.   Sure, OK. But does God equip women with special e … (read more)