Faith Gong: On change and summer

Just like that, time moves on. The leaves cover up the evidence of a pandemic that shook our world for over two years; a dump truck carries away the last remnants of the tornado that rocked our neighborhood.

Faith Gong: The birds… and the bees

It wasn’t the first time a bird had become stuck in our woodstove; this had happened twice before.

Faith Gong: My kids, in the middle of the lake

On two hot days Faith and family loaded up two vehicles with assorted children, grandparents, a deflated kayak and paddleboard, and a portable pump, and headed out to Branbury Beach State Park on Lake Dunmore.

Faith Gong: The family that bikes together

Our family’s pandemic coping strategies have failed to follow national – or even logical – trends. We were already living in Vermont, homeschooling, gardening, and keeping chickens when COVID-19 hit, so we had many of the boxes checked already.

Faith Gong: Back to all that

Our columnist spent the majority of her 20s in Manhattan. Years after leaving she returned recently with a 14-year-old daughter to revisit old stomping grounds.

Faith Gong: The Show Must Go On

In the week leading up to the play — a grueling week in which regular classes were largely suspended in favor of rehearsals — students started dropping like flies.

Faith Gong: Tuesdays with Beth

As a young mother who often felt in over my head and struggled with whether my small daily efforts mattered, Beth gave me the invaluable gift of letting me see how her life — a life made up of small daily efforts — mattered enormously: She held the world … (read more)

Faith Gong: The Year the Music Died… and How it Was Reborn

It will probably not surprise you to learn that 2012-2013 – the year the music died — was the year our family got a puppy and the year I gave birth to our fourth child.

Faith Gong: Parenting teens and saving the planet

One of the best parts of parenting my teenagers is discussing the world’s problems and how to solve them.

Faith Gong: Call of the wild

It just so happens that I’ve been thinking about loud noises quite a bit lately, because we’re trying to teach our two-year-old son to stop screaming at the cat.

Faith Gong: January in four scenes

During our family’s early years in Vermont, my friend Deborah warned me that January was the coldest month. “There’s usually one week every January when the temperature never gets above freezing,” she said.

Faith Gong: Are We All ‘Home Alone’?

Thirty years after its release, Home Alone now feels like a prophetic clarion call about where our society was headed. And instead of listening, we laughed and called it must-watch holiday entertainment.

Faith Gong: Enter video games

I am writing this column on the afternoon of the day after Christmas, while the rest of my family are playing video games out in the yurt.

Faith Gong: The gingerbread house

Like most pivotal events, it started with a simple question: “Mommy, are they doing the gingerbread houses again?”

Faith Gong: The first snow (a sort of Thanksgiving)

On Thanksgiving morning, we learned that our entire family had been close contacts with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Our three youngest children, all only partially vaccinated or too young to be vaccinated, would need to quarantine until they … (read more)


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