Climate change protesters rally on Champlain bridge

Activists from the group Extinction Rebellion Vermont, many from the Champlain Valley branch, braved the wet November weather this past Saturday to hang two banners on the Lake Champlain Bridge.

Letter to the editor: Murder of George Floyd should inspire people to act

We are deeply saddened and enraged by the murder of George Floyd and other recent killings of Black Americans, and the ongoing illness of violence and oppression toward people of color that these deaths represent. This has gone on for far too long, and it … (read more)

Extinction Rebellion meets March 7

MIDDLEBURY — Living in these divisive and tumultuous times fills many with passion and energy to work toward the life-nourishing and just world that we want for ourselves, all beings and future generations.  Life also tests our mettle and can be draining … (read more)

‘Taking the streets’: Extinction Rebellion’s climate strategy is catching on

MIDDLEBURY — What was striking about Dan Batten’s Extinction Rebellion Vermont presentation at Ilsley Public Library recently wasn’t the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence pointing to potential climate catastrophe — it was the amount of brand-new … (read more)