Wolff tells personal story of immigration in shadow of Nazism

After 36 years as a staff writer for the weekly magazine Sports Illustrated, Alexander Wolff was pretty accustomed to the break-neck pace of journalism. “You’re on this treadmill that just keeps going,” he said during an interview from his home studio in Cornwall last week. “I would go in and out of this artificial world as a sports journalist. I was given the time and the space and the travel budget to do really ambitious work.” Wolff was filing his stories in what we now see as a hay-day for journalism. H … (read more)

Book review: Endpapers: A family story of books, war, escape, and home — by Alexander Wolff

(Atlantic Monthly Press) “Endpapers,” a historical and literary narrative/memoir, written by Cornwall-based journalist Alexander Wolff, opens with an illustrated family tree and contains a liberally-distributed trove of family and archival photographs, bu … (read more)

New endpapers exhibit looks under covers

MIDDLEBURY — Daylight Savings Time is only a little more than a week away — get ready to spring forward. Spring… ha! It sure doesn’t feel like springtime yet. In fact, many of us may still be hunkering down under our covers during these chilly nights. Whi … (read more)